Are You Making Life Better? Sage Advice from Roberto Clemente #inspiration #baseball #grateful

Make life better
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If you had the power to make life better for another person, would you do it?

Here’s the thing: you have the power to be influential and to help others. You may not know how or where, but you have the power.

I love this quote by Roberto Clemente! He was a generous man who came from poverty. He never forgot where he came from and when he wasn’t playing baseball, he was donating his time, money and resources to helping others in his country.

How can you help others?

  • You can volunteer your time at local food banks, charities and/or non-profit organizations. 
  • You can donate money in person or online.
  • You can organize a fundraiser with your friends and family to help those less fortunate.

If you have the opportunity in life to make things better, and you don’t, you’re wasting your time on earth.



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