Don’t Let Small Minds Convince You Your Dreams are Too Big #inspiration #dreams

dreams too big

What do you do when someone tries to tell you that your dreams are too big?

I was picking up some chocolate at my local dollar store and I overheard the following conversation between two employees (a man in his mid-twenties and a woman in her early twenties):

“You haven’t tasted the real world yet,” he replied. “What do you know about life?”

“Well, I’m working here, aren’t I?”

He scoffed.

“Anyway, I’m going off to Europe and I’ll get to discover what life’s all about,” she replied.

“You mean on your parents’ money. That’s not really living; that’s a vacation.” 

“It’s true, my dad is helping me but I’ve worked hard for years saving up for this trip. It’s a dream of mine.” There was pride in her voice and I smiled.

“You’re wasting your money. There’s nothing there and you’re pathetic.” He paused. “A dream of mine?” he mocked. “Get with the real world, like the rest of us. No one has dreams anymore. We work until we die.”

I shook my head and walked up to the checkout. He was trying to crush her dreams.

We all have dreams, contrary to what the man said, and thank goodness! If we didn’t dream, we wouldn’t experience new things, meet new people and see how beautiful life really is.

If I could talk to the woman in the dollar store, I’d tell her to go after her dreams and screw everyone who says you can’t do it. Life is one big adventure, not the dreary existence her co-worker described (thank goodness).

There’s no such thing as unobtainable dreams and people who tell you that are honestly afraid to dream.

Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are too big or impossible. Dream big and relish in your dreams! 



2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Small Minds Convince You Your Dreams are Too Big #inspiration #dreams

  1. Love this post. (Saw the link on Triberr.) I agree that we have to have dreams. How sad that young man didn’t have dreams. Depressing attitude.


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