Best #Mystery of 2016: Cries in the Wind by Judy Bruce #suspense #bookreview

Cries series3


Title: Cries in the Wind (Wind Series, #3)

Author: Judy Bruce

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense


Book Blurb:

The third story in the Wind Series finds Megan stirred by the mystery of two strangers and the unsolved murders of two local women from decades past. Pregnant yet haunted, Megan summons the help of close family and friends then plunges into an investigation which uncovers deceit, revenge, and betrayal. As Megan nears the truth, she and her crew become endangered by the killer. When Megan persists, she faces disastrous consequences.


My Review:

This is the best book Judy Bruce has written and I couldn’t put it down!


In book three of the Wind series, Megan is pregnant and trying to come to grips with what just happened (book 2 – Alone in the Wind). She’s troubled by past transgressions and just when she thinks she’s got a handle on things, she hears two females crying in the wind.


Back in 1968, there was a brutal double murder. The local police caught someone fleeing the scene but he’s protested his innocence. Now, two of his sons have come to Megan in the hopes she’ll sell the land where the murders took place.


Megan starts to investigate, only to find those closest to her evading her questions. The more she investigates, the more she realizes how deep this goes. Threats are made on her life and even her friends and family aren’t safe. She enlists the help of everyone, including the FBI, and when she finally discovers the truth, tragedy strikes. Can Megan bring the guilty to justice or will she join the Cries in the Wind?


This is, by far, the best Wind book and kudos to Bruce for creating a mystery/thriller so intense I was white-knuckling my tablet as I read it. An intricate plot with multiple angles and twists, Cries in the Wind is superb! I loved Megan and I connected with her on so many levels. She and I were of the same feeling when it came to her husband and I gave Megan an invisible high-five when she came to her decision.


I also loved the sub-plots with the minor characters (Megan’s friends and family). I won’t give anything away but I became more attached to her posse (as I call them) than in the previous two books. I was actually sad when the book ended. I wanted more! Lol!


If you’re looking for a mystery/thriller, pick this up immediately! You’ll love it! I can’t wait for the next in the Wind series.


Favorite Character:

Megan. She’s one tough cookie and in this book, everything she loves and holds dear is put on the line, including her own life. Yet, she doesn’t back down. I want her as my friend, that’s for sure, and I have to try those Bourbon Floats.


Favorite Quote:

“What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just be a pregnant attorney? I sighed as I folded my arms across the menu I’d memorized two years ago.” — Megan

My Rating:  5+ stars


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Judy Bruce

Author Biography:

Hello, book fans. I am the mother of two, the wife of one, and the sibling of three (formerly four). I also blog at where I ramble about favorite books and movies and personal topics–my younger sister Janet who died of brain cancer, and my autistic son Danny who takes quirky to an amazing level. Aside from writing novels, I have contributed various works on law, history, and social issues. I am a Kirkus Reviews Featured Author, and a member of Goodreads, the Authors Guild, the Cassell Network of Writers, and the American Film Institute. Yet my true love, apart from my family, is fiction—writing and reading it.


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Facebook: You can find her on her public Facebook site (try Judy Bruce 1481)


Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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