Even Elvis Embraced His Flaws… You Can Too! #inspiration #motivation #affirmations

Elvis flaws

Do you love your flaws or do you do whatever it takes to hide them?

In the age of the “selfie”, more and more people are becoming obsessed with their looks. I read an article recently talking about Insta-Glam. Followers of Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat are glamming up and using filters to look perfect. This makes me sad and it got me thinking about flaws.

When I was in my teen years, I was obsessed with looking good. I was struggling with my weight and did whatever I could to hide it. I wore attractive clothing and switched to contact lenses. Did it make me happy?

Honestly, no. I still didn’t feel beautiful because every time I looked in the mirror, I saw my flaws. It wasn’t until I started loving myself (flaws and all) did I feel beautiful.

Today is the anniversary of Elvis’ death. Elvis carried an air of confidence that made his appeal universal. I often watched his movies and listened to his music in my youth, wondering how he made it look so easy. It surprised me to learn that one of his flaws was stage fright.

Did that stop Elvis?

No, he embraced his flaws and learned to make his stage fright work for him and those around him.

Love your flaws for they are a part of you and they are what makes you beautiful! Just like there are no two snowflakes that are the same pattern, we are all unique and equally beautiful!



3 thoughts on “Even Elvis Embraced His Flaws… You Can Too! #inspiration #motivation #affirmations

  1. Tough question. It feels like we’re told by some people to embrace our flaws, but others tell us to eliminate them. Part of it is probably people projecting a bit. In the end, this gets really confusing. I take it day by day. Sometimes I don’t think of my flaws, but other days I can’t stop thinking of the belly, thinning hair, impatience, and . . . Yeah, I’m having one of the down days. :/

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    1. I know what you mean, Charles. But at the heart of it I think you have to embrace your flaws before you can work on eliminating them. At the end of the day, it’s all about accepting yourself for who you are. ๐Ÿ™‚


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