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Title:  The Defenders (Courthouse Connections 2)

Author:  Ann Jacobs

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

The Defenders, men who believe, as is provided for in the United States Constitution, that all those accused of crimes are entitled to competent defense in a court of law . . .

Tony Landry, born in poverty and driven by his family history, has achieved amazing success as a defense counselor through no one’s efforts but his own. Newly made a partner in the prestigious Winston-Roe firm, he fully believes that truths come not in black and white but in shades of gray. He clashes with Kristine Granger, a young prosecutor from a background of wealth and privilege, who is fully convinced that there are no shades of right and wrong. Despite the fierce attraction neither can deny, Tony must make the argument of his life to win Kristine’s heart—IN HIS OWN DEFENSE.

Gray Syzmanski, one of Tampa’s elite, grandson of the founding partner of Winston-Roe, chose the DEA instead of a position with the law firm, only to go through hell. Eight years later he returns to what is at best a BITTERSWEET HOMECOMING—and the job he refused before his ordeal. Andi Young, a prosecutor he had a brief liaison with before his ordeal, is still there and miraculously still wants him. The young couple who felt MORE THAN LUST but had no opportunity to explore their feelings then, now have a chance to have it all—if only Gray can accept that it’s his mind and heart, not a perfect body—that makes him her perfect mate.



Her T-shirt thing came almost to her ankles. It wasn’t sexy in the least, or at least he hadn’t thought so until she’d given him a glimpse of what lay beneath it. So why did his palms feel damp against the rims of the wheels when he rolled himself over by the sectional? Why did the baggy sweat pants he’d put on after his shower suddenly feel constricting when he transferred himself onto the couch?


He knew damn well why. He hadn’t had sex for eight years. And the woman sitting on his couch was the same one who’d starred in all his erotic dreams for eight long years of lonely, solitary nights. There was no way around it. Andi had been the last woman to share his bed and he wasn’t likely to forget it.


When thunder crashed again, she trembled. Blood rushed to his groin.


He was losing his freaking mind.


Andi might have saved her pride by telling Brett he’d been conceived in love. She might even cherish memories of the mind-blowing sex that had resulted in their son’s conception. No way, though, could he imagine her wanting to take up with him where they’d left off. Not now. Not as wild as she liked her sex and as unable as he was to meet her sexual challenges.


That knowledge didn’t keep him from sliding closer, draping an arm over her shoulders, and stroking the satiny skin beneath his fingers. It didn’t stop him from inhaling her powdery floral scent that he’d never managed to forget. And it did absolutely nothing toward making his erection subside.


Bolts of red-gold electricity lit the sky.


Andi shuddered, burrowed her head against his chest. “Gray?”


Her warm breath tickled the skin around his nipple, made him fantasize about tangled sheets and heated bodies. Of long-ago pleasures and futile dreams. “I’m here, Andi.”

“You’re not afraid, are you?”


“Of the lightning? No.” The storm outside didn’t bother him. It would play itself out and blow across the Florida peninsula into the Atlantic before morning, leaving marginally cooler air in its wake. It was the turmoil in Gray’s brain that was killing him. He had no idea how he could dispel it, or where it would take them if he allowed it to sweep him into uncharted waters.


Waters that could suck him under in a whirling vortex, finish off the destruction his captors had left undone. He told himself to move away, put some distance between himself and this impossible temptation, but his body paid him no mind. It craved what he knew rationally couldn’t be.


But when Andi lifted her head and looked at him, there was no way in hell he could resist her silent lure.



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Ann Jacobs


Author Biography:  

First published in 1996, Ann Jacobs has sold more than a hundred books and novellas to five publishers: Berkley, Kensington, Red Sage, Loose Id, Changeling Press, Five Star, and Ellora’s Cave. A CPA and former hospital financial manager, she now writes full-time except, of course, for the hours she devotes to being a wife and mother to seven kids. A transplanted midwesterner, she’s lived in west-central Florida all her adult life. Ann loves writing sensual contemporary romance–to her, it’s the perfect blend of sex, sensuality, and happily-ever-after commitment between one man and one woman.


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