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The Sacrifice

Book 1 in The Sons of Sivadia Series.

By Mia McKimmy

Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:


Will their love survive the sacrifices that must be made?


Almost three hundred years ago, a race of immortals fled the planet of Sivadia and came to Earth. When a war divided their race, each side was led by twin sons of the Sivadian king.


From the moment Riana Martin meets Cy, the dangerously sexy Sivadian Protector, she knows it will be hard to resist him. From the first touch, Cy sets off a firestorm inside her heart and soul.


Cy knows Riana is his destiny, but since their father named him successor to the throne, his twin has been determined to destroy him.


Can Cy protect Riana from his brother…one of the most evil beings to ever walk this planet?




Cy opened the door leading out of the game room and entered the main part of the pub. Alcohol, sweat, and lust filled the air. Ladies night. Scantily clad women lined the walls like trophies waiting to be taken home by whomever they deemed most worthy.

Lust bombarded Cy as a slew of eyes with heavy liner focused on him. He waved his hand through the air and the lust stopped—at least the wanting directed at him. The ability to control a human’s mind had its advantages, but could be a dark and murky place. It definitely was not somewhere he wanted to hang around for long.

Maggie, a large busted human with flaming red hair, owned the pub and was bartending tonight. Heavy lines on her face were proof of far too many years in this line of work.

“Hi, handsome. What’ll it be?”

“Just give me a house draft, please.”

She grabbed a frosted mug and pulled the tap.

“Things been calm around here, tonight?”

“It’s all good, long as you and your boys come around occasionally to help keep these yahoos in line.”

Cy took his beer and handed her a twenty.

Maggie patted a nine millimeter pistol holstered on her right hip and grinned. “Between y’all and Bessie here, I don’t get much trouble.” Her southern drawl was slow, characteristic to people who had lived their entire lives in the Appalachian Mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina.

Cy’s cell vibrated against his hip. He dug the phone from his pocket. It was Oz, probably calling to give him their nightly assignment.

“Hey man, what’s up?”

“One of our scouts spotted two feeders downtown.” Oz’s deep voice boomed in Cy’s ear. “The feeders transported to several sites around town before the scout lost them.”

“Shit. That’s not good.” Cy lowered himself onto a bar stool. “Do you think they know we have a class of females coming in tonight?”

“If they’ve located our compound, I’d bet my life on it. I hope none of the girls came in early to sight-see.”

“Where was the last place the feeders were seen?”

“On South Spruce Street, but I’ve already sent four teams of Protectors to cover that area. Take your team and start on the west end of Patton, and work your way toward them. I’ll send more guys your way. And Cy, just in case Vind’s in town, watch your back.”

“Will do.” Cy rolled his shoulders against the tight muscles in his neck. Damn my brother! Its past time to bring this war to an end. Three centuries of fighting Vinds army is enough.

Cy had enjoyed living in Asheville, but if Vind had found this compound, they would have to change locations again. If feeders got their hands on a compound full of trainees, their once bright futures would become nothing more than misery and eventual death.


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Free on Kindle Unlimited, $2.99 Kindle ebook, $11.99 paperback


Crucify My Heart, Book 2 in The Sons of Sivadia Series, releases October 7, 2016


Mia McKimmy 

Author Biography:

Mia McKimmy writes paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that everyone has one great love, and when you find them, there’s no denying you have met your destiny.


Mia counts herself lucky to be married to her one true love. She is Mom to two grown daughters, and Nana to four grandkids who have her wrapped around their fingers.


She is a former hairdresser, and has a degree as a Registered Nurse from Georgia Highlands College. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, and Georgia Romance Writers.


If you’d like sneak peeks of future books and new release dates, please visit:


You can also find her at:





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