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Title: Firebird (Book 2, Pure Series)

Author: Catherine Mesick

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult


Book Blurb:

Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff wants nothing more than to settle into a quiet life with her cursed beloved, William. But both Katie’s past—and William’s—are far too troubled to allow them to live in peace. Shortly after Katie discovers that a shadowy figure has placed a price on her head—and that a pack of vampires is out to collect the reward—William disappears, leaving Katie alone and unprotected.


Separated from her true love and surrounded on all sides by danger, Katie must find out who it is that hunts her—before her life is claimed.


My Review:

This is the second book in the Pure series and Firebird picks up a few weeks later. Katie and William are together (which I love) and everything appears to be back to normal. That is, until two old friends of William’s (vampires, naturally) appear with a request. Innokenti and Anton ask for both her and William to return to Krov, Russia. William flat-out refuses to go and Katie is left to wonder what’s going on.


Innokenti reveals several vampires are out to capture/kill Katie (Little Sun) in a version of a Slayerfest (Buffy reference, sorry but I couldn’t help thinking it as I was reading). Katie doesn’t know who to trust and then in the midst of this crisis, William vanishes. Was he captured or did he just abandon her? Katie’s heartbroken either way and in a struggle to pick up the pieces, she agrees to go back to Krov with GM (her grandmother). Has she just signed her own death warrant or will she be able to find William and seek the answers to what’s happening?


I must say, this was very much a darker book than the first one. Katie has everyone from her GM to her friends bashing her relationship with William and they all gang up on her constantly. GM and her friends dismiss what’s happened in the previous book which was annoying. What kind of friends and family do that?


I loved the fact that Mesick filled in the reader with backstory just in case you didn’t read book one. It reminded me what happened in Pure (book one) and kept the story moving along.


I won’t give away any spoilers but I was extremely upset with the ending. It rankled me how it ended and I wanted to throw my Kindle out the window. So, I had to drop a full star in my rating.


Certain characters made this a book worth reading and their appearances kept me captivated. I loved the introduction of Anton and GM’s paramour. I’m hoping book three will tie up all the loose ends.


If you’re a big fan of vampire, paranormal and mythology, you’re going to love this whole series. In Firebird, you’ll find more vampires than you can shake a stick at and the action propels the story forward. Fans of Twilight will love this one!


Favorite Character: Anton. I loved his addition to the cast of characters in this series. It’s obvious from the start that he and William have a history, a combative one. But when William disappears, Anton comes calling. He’s a deliciously evil creature and tempts Katie. Will she be caught under his spell or will she be able to resist his song? You’ll have to read Firebird to find out.


Favorite Quote: Anton’s amusement deepened. “Too stunned to speak? I have that effect on a lot of women.”


My Rating:  3.5 stars


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Catherine Mesick


Author Biography:

Author of Pure Series:

Book 1, Pure

Book 2, Firebird

Book 3, Dangerous Creatures

Book 4, Ghost Girl, coming soon!


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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