The Statistics of Life: Follow Your Heart #inspiration #motivation #affirmations

odds life

What are the odds of success, happiness, contentment, peace, etc. in this world?

I hear a lot of statistics daily:

World Population: 7 billion

1 in 3 Americans are very happy

5% of authors bring in royalties over $100,000 per year

55% of marriages end in divorce

Does that scare me?

Not really. In fact, when told that the odds are against me, I tend to try harder. Call it ego or stubbornness, when told I can’t do something just makes me go after it more.

I work in an industry that the odds are stacked astronomically against me. The Big 5 publishers are the House and I’m supposed to lose all my chips. Little do they know, I hold two aces.

Ace #1: I’m a born storyteller and I’m a published author.

Ace #2: Success for authors is all a matter of perspective. Do I make $100,000 on royalties? No. Am I happy and proud of my work? YES!

 I beat the odds and accomplished something that many writers only dream of. I can hold my books in my hands.

What about you? Are you going after a dream and feeling a little defeated? 

Stand up and shout to the world:

I don’t care what the odds are; I’m going to succeed!

Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.


P. S. We’re going away for Labour Day Weekend and will return on Tuesday, September 6th. Have a lovely relaxing weekend! 


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