Opportunity is Pounding on Your Door… Answer it! #inspiration #motivation


Opportunity is knocking on my door. In fact, it’s ringing the doorbell and pounding non-stop. 

Should I answer or ignore it?

I peek through the peephole and a friendly face appears.

Most of the time, opportunity knocks softly but every once in awhile opportunity creates a disturbance. It’s beckoning you to step out of your comfort zone and travel to places unknown. There’s no guarantee, only promise of adventure.

Do you step aboard and see where it takes you or do you stay inside the safety of your home?

The decision is yours. As for me, I have my bags packed and I’m climbing aboard. I’ve said good-bye to self-doubt and worrying about the future. I’m ready, captain!

Are you ready?

Man (or woman) cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.



7 thoughts on “Opportunity is Pounding on Your Door… Answer it! #inspiration #motivation

      1. Agreed, it’s important to pay attention to that tapping and knocking. Maybe I need to pack a bug-out bag for opportunity! Be prepared, unlike Bilbo Baggins who left his handkerchiefs behind!

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