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Title: Conquered Heart

Author: Kara Griffin

Genre: Romance, Historical, Scottish


Book Blurb:

In protecting the King of Scotland, Graeme Cameron will do whatever it takes to ensure Robert the Bruce’s safety. He and his comrades become the victim of circumstance and are now exiled. As they hide, they realize others are worse off than they and hire themselves out as mercenaries.


Kerrigan Campbell is desperate to find her laird and protector’s son. Then she hears of the legendary king’s guard and seeks them out. She runs across their leader in the midst of a battle, but he’s not what she expects. When she and Graeme find an abandoned bairn, he bids her to help him locate its mother and in return he’ll recapture her laird’s son.


Graeme has many a challenge before him – how to keep he and his friends from being executed for doing their duty, aiding the sweet lass in recovering her charge, finding the bairn’s mother, helping their king defeat England’s army, and gaining a pardon for their involvement in the king’s misdoings. There’s one challenge that thwarts him and that’s Kerrigan. She’s conquered his heart and more …



At first, she thought a clootie or a night creature set upon her. The man’s face covered with darkness and his eyes glowed, and he wore obscure attire. Mayhap she’d met the devil himself this night. Her heart thumped in her throat and every possible terrifying thought crossed her mind in a flash.


“Shhh, I’ll not harm ye.”


Taking a moment to calm her breath, and on closer inspection, her heart slowed. Kerrigan recognized his voice, for he was one of the men she’d spied at the mead hall. He had to be one of the king’s guardsmen.


God sent me good favor this night.


The man’s hand lowered it to her throat. He continued to hold her and pressed her neck with his bulky hand and squeezing fingers. Pressure from the force of his hand cut to her throat and restricted her speech. The fiend turned and peered between the trees.


“Speak not.”


Again, she nodded, not that she could voice a word. The man set an arm around her torso and lifted her. He carried her in the most undignified position. Kerrigan was about to protest, but then she remembered she wasn’t to make a sound. When the man reached the horses, he set her upon her feet. He kept an arm around her torso and pulled her against his hard body.


“You are an inconvenience, lad.”


She scrunched her eyes in objection to being called a lad. Her voice rasped, “I don’t mean to be.”


“Do you not realize your peril? There’s an army headed here. Fighting will begin before sunrise. You’ll be in the thick of it.”


His voice had a deep burr to it and put her at ease. That is until she realized what his words meant. Kerrigan drew in a startled breath and pulled away from him.


“God Almighty, I hadn’t realized. I must be away.”


The man reached out a hand and clasped her upper arm and stopped her from fleeing. His hold pinched her skin, and she snatched her arm from his grip.


“Who are you? And why do ye follow us? I demand to ken.”


She rubbed the sting of his hold from her arm. “I’m from Bothwell castle and hoped to gain your aid. I was going to approach you at the hall, but you left hastily, before I could present myself. There was naught to do but follow.”


“Then ye ken who I am? What we do? I suppose ye heard the tales?”



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Author Biography:

Kara Griffin is the author of the highly acclaimed Pith Trilogy and The Gunn Guardsman series. Both series has received tremendous praise from reviewers and readers. She has been writing for over 17 years, publishing over 15 novels, and has a true passion for writing historical stories filled with love, friendship, and honor.


She’s been married for over 27 years and has raised 3 daughters, who are on their own paths to love. Her first grandchild arrived early this summer, a wee hero who is the joy of her life. Family is extremely important to her.


Social Media Links:

Facebook Fan Page:
Website:  Heroes Heroines Villains Romance Website
Historical Blog: Castles and Kisses Blog
Sci-fi Blog: Get Cosmic! Blog
Amazon Author Page: KaraGriffin on Amazon Author Central



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    1. Thank you, Jacquie! My cover artist is amazing. The rest of the Legend of the King’s Guard covers are just as stunning. I can’t wait to get them out there. Enjoy the day, ~Kara

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