An Imperfect Journey to The Promised Land by @GingerCastro14 #bookreview #memoir #women

Title: An Imperfect Journey to The Promised Land (Ginger Esperanza Castro’s Journey Book 1)

Author: Ginger Castro

Genre: Memoir, Self-Improvement, Women


Book Blurb:

In “An Imperfect Journey to The Promised Land” I share my private journal entries dating from December 25, 2010 until June 2014. This is the first book of my “Ginger Esperanza Castro’s Journey” series I’m working on.


My Review:

A book that can be uplifting at one moment and sombre in others and even laugh out loud funny in some places.  The amazing part is that this isn’t fiction; this is one person’s life!  It takes courage to open up one’s soul for the world to see and I commend the author for her bravery.  I hope the book helped the author heal and I hope its message of never giving up reaches other people too.


The issues I had with the book were purely technical.  It could use a little tighter editing and the ending was very abrupt.  It really leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next…


A tough read but one that is very worthwhile.  This book makes the reader reflect on their own life with a bit more understanding about what life is.



My Rating:  3.75 stars


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Ginger Castro


Author Biography:

Ginger Esperanza Castro is fun-loving, eccentric, a loyal friend, responsible when she feels like it, and dependable. She loves cooking, baking, swimming, and music. She lives in Edinburg, Texas.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


One thought on “An Imperfect Journey to The Promised Land by @GingerCastro14 #bookreview #memoir #women

  1. Thanks for this review. I feel even more motivated to pick up where I left off with my journal entries so I’m working on the next one now.


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