Happy #WorldSmileDay so Smile and the World Will Smile Too! #inspiration #motivation

smiling face


I love this quote and it totally describes me!

I love to smile and even when I am down, I smile!  Wanna know why?  It helps me feel better to help someone else feel better.

Today is World Smile Day so it’s a great day to smile!!!

Smiling is a simple act and yet it spreads such love and happiness to the world around you!  Try it today and see what happens! 🙂




5 thoughts on “Happy #WorldSmileDay so Smile and the World Will Smile Too! #inspiration #motivation

    1. Thanks Charles, I’m feeling overwhelmed today so when I saw it was World Smile Day over on Twitter, I knew it would get me through the day. Keep smiling… that’s my motto for today. Have a great one!


        1. Oh right, well good luck with it. Put on your boxing gloves and get ready to rumble. lol! It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so have been swamped getting ready for it. Have two to-do lists going and feeling a bit frazzled but I know I can get it all done. 🙂


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