Be the Spark in the Lives of Others by Just Being Yourself #inspiration #Tuesdaymotivation



You are a shining bright spot in the world and when you share your Light with others, you’re sparking their Light which starts a positive chain of events. 

Every day I write an inspirational thought and it goes out into the world. Many of you share it with others and it’s simply wonderful. Just by being ourselves, we’re changing the world for the better. Our Light combats the darkness and negativity has no choice but to flee.

I was told over the weekend that my message wasn’t wanted among a group of people I considered friends. I was hurt at first because my natural reaction is to think I did something wrong. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized these people didn’t like the positive message and wanted to be secluded in darkness instead.

Did that stop me from writing today’s inspirational thought?

No way! In fact, it only increased my resolve. Darkness is everywhere and the only way to destroy it is to flood the world with Light and love.

When you’re out in the world today, no matter who you meet, smile and let your Light shine! You’re special and by just being you, you’ll be helping us to cause the darkness to disappear. 



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