Jack’s Thinking It Couldn’t Get Any Worse. Wrong! @LiviaQuinn #dragons #POTLReads #IARTG

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Is it Mayberry or Middle Earth? Well, duh… Ages ago a pact was made between the supernatural species – shifters, djinn, dragons, vampires and fae – to protect humans. Just don’t tell the humans…


One meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it!


Jack Lang has a giant problem, more than one actually.


As a former Navy pilot and now sheriff of Destiny, Jack’s job is to protect and defend. It’s in his DNA. He thought this town was going to be the perfect, safe place to raise his teenage daughter, kinda like Mayberry. Wrong. He’d handled one shock after another, and rather well he thought, considering he had to accept the fact that his girfriend could turn into a volcanic thundercloud, her father and brother were djinn and the newcomer to town was a black er, dragon.


Well, that was nothing compared to this newest revelation. Apparently something else was part of his DNA as well…


This might be the last straw. But knowing Destiny, there’d always be another haystack.






Some things had been irrevocably changed in Destiny, not the least of which, my life and Jordie’s and our acceptance of Destiny’s other nature. I’d had reservations about how a human sheriff could fit in to this world of Tempe’s, but so far it seems like it will be no different than defending different cultures and races like I have in my other jobs.


Ryan would never be the same, and I was sure a few citizens had probably seen more strange things than they had on the last Hobbit movie. Dylan hadn’t come out so well. I wondered what the Paramortals would be able to do for him. He didn’t seem to be the type to accept his new life as a mere-dog, or a wolf pup.


Kat had left a text on my phone saying he’d runaway yet again and asked me to contact Conor to see if he might talk some sense into him. How did she know they’d even be able to communicate? I’d like to be on hand for that little dragon-canine chat.


I walked down the hallway past Jordie’s room. Flipping the light on in the bathroom, I put the toilet seat up and took care of business, then I stepped over to the sink to wash my hands. Something on the periphery of my vision caught my eye. I turned toward the mirror, then jumped back landing against the door.


“What the—”


The face of a dragon stared back at me. What the hell? Now they were communicating from another plane by appearing in mirrors. I moved toward the sink, squinting at him.


Could this be the dragon who’d helped Conor? He was different than Conor, silvery, his scales like shiny clear crystals. Pretty, almost. Maybe it was a female. So what did he or she want? The eyes were a light silver and the head had a sleeker shape than our black dragon friend.


I yawned. And snorted when he mimicked me. This fellow was some kind of comic. What did he want?


In the mirror the dragon’s silver skin fluttered and I felt a shiver on my own shoulders. I scratched my chest. There was some kind of image forming on his chest—his human chest.


My eyes widened.


His widened.


The chest in the mirror was the same one I’d been looking at for the last several years, except, with rapt attention I watched as the crystalline scales began to spread down his shoulders across his chest, across the swirling image.


My mouth gaped open. When his mouth opened it revealed lots of graduated teeth and four exceptional canines. My hands went to my mouth in shock—and grabbed the wide snout of the dragon. It was… I was… No, no, no, no…”No!”







Zeus’ flying pigs!




I lurched from the bed. Where was Jack? I ran down the hall toward the guest bathroom, but he wasn’t there. There was scraping and bumping coming from the other end of the house near the kitchen, like clumsy moving men in too small a space.


“Jack?” It was not a big house. “Jack!” He must have gone to the back porch. I took off in that direction, suddenly concerned over what I’d find.


Why wasn’t he answering me? On the other end of the hallway there were gouges in the green sheetrock. Concern turned to fear. Had he gotten into a fight with a burglar?


The back door was open, the screen door hanging on one hinge. I stopped on the threshold to the small back porch. Menori came alive inside me, not threatened I realized, but excited.


In the middle of the backyard—shootfire—taking up the entire green space that was Jack’s backyard was the most beautiful dragon I’d ever seen. He was not as big as Conor, maybe fifteen feet tall. Light from the full moon reflected on his luminescent scales, like Swarovski crystals, shooting brilliant spears of rainbow fire into the trees and across the fence into the neighbors’ backyards.


His skin rippled from head to tail and when I looked into his eyes, I gasped, recognizing him, and had to stifle a laugh. “Jack, what—” I couldn’t help it. I laughed.



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Author Biography:

Love happens…when you least expect it. So does the weather. So magic in one form or another, and storms, are at the heart of most Livia Quinn books. A DC native who lives on the bayou in Louisiana, Livia has stored up a wealth of quirky stories from her jobs as a mail lady, sales person, plant manager and small business owner that she’s anxious to share with her readers. Visit her on her new website https://liviaquinn.com


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