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Kat from Take These Broken Wings by Livia Quinn (Photo Credit: pixabay)


“Come on, Kat. Don’t you mean he licked you with his tongue and held you with his furry paws?” Tempe was shocked when she overheard me telling Aurora about my confused feelings.


…On the eve of the chaos as the Para-moon reached its apex, a series of events changed my budding relationship with Dylan McGuinness forever, or so I’d thought. Dylan had almost died during the Para-moon as a result of a spell put on his father hundreds of years ago. He’d emerged from the shaman’s healing waters as a mere wolf pup and I thought our relationship as lovers was over. After two years of being on the run I’d only just allowed myself to have friends, to trust a man enough to let down my guard. And then he was gone and I was merely the owner of a growing wolf with lusty doggy tendencies.


It looked like he’d never have his human form again, but lately I had cause to wonder – when he looks at me so intently in his handsome wolfie form – I swear I can see Dylan’s intelligent brain. And yes, there’s a spark of attraction on my end. So, I understand Tempe’s skepticism. My first thought had been, “not my species!”


See, Dylan was a Finrir – that’s a cross between a grizzly and a wolf but after the Para-moon he was only a wolf puppy. Until recently, when he put on a growth spurt and now my panther is purring at this big beautiful black wolf. What to do? For the first time since I took refuge in Destiny I’ve turned to my friends for advice because something’s changed. Though he’s still heeding his hormonal urges to chase the neighborhood hussies, suddenly when I look into his eyes I sense my Dylan, the sexy dark investigator. Is he trying to tell me something? Maybe Conor can help…



* Conor *


The sun was sinking on the horizon as I flew over the eastern part of Laccassine parish searching for the wolf. I spotted Dylan running along the road to the levee where’d I’d seen him several times since his healing had gone awry. The wolf probably liked the view of the moon from the high point at Grande Colline. I swooped down to nab him behind the scruff of his neck, turned my head and deposited him on my back.


It had become a game with us. He ran, I chased, and then he happily rode high on my nape until I wore him out. It was hard work trying to maintain your balance on a live dragon while wind gusts tried to send you plummeting to your death. I cut the ride short to find out what was disturbing the wolf and landed near a lone Cypress to wait while he drank from the river and took a quick swim to cool himself off.


The wolf shook his fur and slunk over to lay beside me, leaning against my tail as we watched the moon start its ascent, a white ball against a dusky blue gray sky.


“Yer woman is worried about you,” I said. The wolf’s head whipped around toward me, tilting as if this was news to him. Then his shoulders settled and he resumed his survey of the sunset.


“Ach, what is this about, Dylan? Has somethin’ changed then?” This time the wolf whined and sat up, front paws stepping in place restlessly. “I don’t speak woof, mon, so ye’ll have to give me a hint or a sign if I’m on the right track.”


Dylan’s intense eyes stared at me. “You can concentrate all you want but I canna read yer mind. Montana thinks you’re out of sorts because you were unable to communicate with Katerina.”


Dylan sat up and whined, butting my dragon foot with his nose. “Ah, weel, a pretty fix yer in, then, my fine furry friend.” Dylan huffed and stretched at my feet with his nose between his paws. “She also said your woman believes you are no longer lupus inside, but a man.”


“Woof!” Dylan spun three times in a circle and jumped into the air, staring with a toothy grin that fairly shouted Yes. “Ach, weel then don’t give up. You and Lang are the most impatient charges I’ve even had the responsibility of overseeing. If you get run over or shot there’s no chance at all that you’ll enjoy your woman again in your man form, aye? And, I know you can’t help yerself, but when a bitch in heat flirts with ya, maybe you should try stayin’ inside for a while. Who knows what could happen if you stop following your hormones?”


I’d heard descriptions of the investigator’s intense persona. He would have been a master at intimidation, though this was the first time I’d seen even a hint of it having only known Dylan as a jokester under the influence of the Para-moon. Seeming a wee bit irritated he kept his eyes locked on mine. Drakos! He had balls to look at a dragon like that.


His head whipped to the side as a loud cry came from the other end of the road. A tenth of a mile away a starlit giraffe was practicing his broad jump in the moonlight. I shook my head, Jack. “He’s bright, aye?”


Dylan shook, sitting down to watch the show, further confirming what I suspected about him. For a half hour we sat watching the dragon make one futile attempt after another to take flight. “Ach, I guess I’m g’win to have to take him for a ride and drop him from about twenty-thousand feet—my version of sink or swim, aye? Sometimes it takes drastic measures, wolf.”


Dylan gave a short whine. Good, it wouldna hurt the wolf to wonder if there was some of this psychological strategy coming his way sometime soon. He rose, whining incessantly, looking up at the rising moon. “Where are you g’win, my friend?”


The wolf’s head turned back in my direction as he whined again. “Go on back to your lassie’s little funeral hearse.” He yipped, spread his front feet in a playful stance then wagged his tail and took off.


One down, one to go. Children. Things were moving along. I was only to guide and protect, not command.


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Love happens…when you least expect it. So does the weather. So magic in one form or another, and storms, are at the heart of most Livia Quinn books. A DC native who lives on the bayou in Louisiana, Livia has stored up a wealth of quirky stories from her jobs as a mail lady, sales person, plant manager and small business owner that she’s anxious to share with her readers. Visit her new website


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