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Title:  Pieces of Me

Author: Tisha

Genre: Dysfunctional Family and Relationships

Publisher:  PenPoint Publications


Book Blurb:

All Audrey’s life there has been disappointments. No parents to love her. No one but her grandmother who she loses as soon as she becomes an adult.

All that glitters ain’t gold and all that looks good to you ain’t always good for you.

Bram comes into Audrey’s life and she is still unsure about him and life but Bram forces his way in.

To Audrey, Bram is her knight in shining armor who she soon finds out is really a nightmare.

A good man is hard to find but a bad one always finds you.

Will Audrey run for the hills? Or will this be the final straw that broke the camels back?

Find out this and more!



Today is my birthday and since it is a Tuesday, I decide to treat myself to a nice lunch at La Madeleine Country French Café.

This would be my first time eating here.

I want to try something different than the usual restaurants I visited.

I want to live a little today.

After all, you only turn 25 once.

As I am enjoying my soup and salad, in walks in the most handsome man that I have ever seen.

Well at least in my eyes he is and that is probably because I am a single, lonely, plain Jane with no life and only one friend.

My auntie Joyce always used to say to me, “Guhl you look jus like dat gal from Traffic that Viole Davis.”

I always corrected her country, uneducated ass and always said sarcastically, “the gal’s name is Viola Davis”.

I think Viola Davis is ugly so I still don’t know if she actually believed I looked like the woman or she was just calling me ugly to my face, and I never asked her about it once I got grown.

I just didn’t go around her once I became old enough not to have to.

My grandmother raised me and made me the old plain jane that I am today and I always thought she was too old to take care of a child, but she did what she had to do once my mother ran off continuously to be with whatever man who would take care of her and when she did, she always promised to come back to get me when she got settled but that day never came.

She would always end up back at my grandmother’s house and stayed there until she found another man to run off with.

She did it for her last time after the fight with my grandmother and once I left for college, I didn’t care anymore and I stopped taking her phone calls all together when my grandmother died.

I silently always wished it was her that died and I don’t know if she is currently dead and I really don’t care.

I must have been in a trance too long because I don’t notice Mr. Tall, dark and handsome saying to me, “Hellooooo??” while waving his hand in my face to get my attention.

I look at him strangely because he has pulled me out of my walk down nightmare lane, and I don’t recognize him immediately.

I guess my brain had to catch up to my eyes.

He says to me, “I’m sorry. Are you ok?”

I turn back to my food before saying, “I’m fine.”

No man has ever approached me or has said anything to me or if they did, I would brush them off just like I am doing to him.

That is the reason why I am still a virgin at 25 years old.

That is so sad.

My whole existence is sad.

He isn’t moving away from my table.

I can see his shadow as I stare at my food and not him then I see his hand on the back of the chair and then he pushes it back to sit.

He says to me, “Do you mind?”

I don’t look at him before I say, “No.”

I then continue to eat my food while he asks me my name and gives me his then we continue to chat while I barely look up from my food.

The waitress sits his food down in front of him.

I am really in shock now that I have daydreamed that long.

He ate his food and I ate my food.

He did the talking and I just mostly listened until my lunch was over and I had to get back to the office but not before we exchange numbers.

I am still in disbelief that he actually is interested in me, but I am happy that I met someone on my birthday.

Happy birthday to me.


Buy Links:

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M7V9RTB/




Author Biography:

Latisha (Tisha) is my name. I write under the pseudonym Hope Destiny. I was born and still reside in Orlando, Florida . I have 11 plus books on Amazon.


Social Media Links:

 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AuthorHopeDestiny

Facebook reading group for giveaways Tisha (Hope Destiny) Hang Out Spot https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449283102045841/

Twitter athrhopedestiny

Instagram penpointpub



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