Be Mindful of the Company You Keep. Negative People Can Weigh You Down #inspiration #affirmations


Are you surrounding yourself with positive or negative people?

I used to have friends who loved to talk about all that was wrong in their life. They were constantly complaining and the more I was around them, the heavier my heart weighed and the more likely I was to complain about my own life.

It wasn’t until I put some distance between these so-called friends and myself that I realized what was going on. Their negativity held me down and didn’t allow me to grow.

Negative people can weigh you down and even undermine your efforts to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

I love this quote because it illustrates the repercussions of negativity. It’s crucial for us to choose our inner circle of friends who are supportive, positive and lift us up. In order to be healthy in all facets of our life, we must be mindful of the company we keep.

Take a look at your circle of influence. Do they support you and reflect gratitude, love and positivism? If not, maybe it’s time to make a change.



2 thoughts on “Be Mindful of the Company You Keep. Negative People Can Weigh You Down #inspiration #affirmations

  1. Negative. Definitely predominantly negative and I don’t have the option of avoiding them or creating distance. Not without a lottery win. It’s really true that you get drawn into the negativity too and it becomes a mentality that’s hard to shed. I’ll admit that I’ve been in it for so long that I feel uncomfortable being positive for extended periods of time. Thankfully, I have people to make sure that doesn’t happen. I really hope the person who invented the phrase and role of Devil’s Advocate feels bad about what they’ve done. Just a fancy way of saying ‘I want to stomp on your emotional sand castle’.

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