The Golden Rule for Empowering Professional Relationships by @ignatius1939 #books


Title: The Golden Rule for Empowering Professional Relationships

Author: Ignatius Fernandez

Genre: Business/ Corporate Governance

Publisher: Wolf Creek Press, Oregon

Book Blurb:

THE GOLDEN RULE has JESUS CHRIST pointing the way to heightened professional relationships. JESUS is portrayed, not as the spiritual or religious leader the world has known, but as an unmatched professional the world has yet to know. He is an outstanding leader who walks tall, a powerful communicator who touches minds and hearts, and a peerless teacher who influences by example. The Golden Rule is the engaging story – nonfiction that reads like fiction – of a group of earnest professionals who embark on a journey of discovery. Their mission is to find a role model who will inspire them to change the way they act, react and interact. Their search culminates in an encounter with a role model beyond compare – JESUS CHRIST. The life and times of Jesus Christ have been analyzed from many perspectives, but never before from the corporate angle with focus on professional relationships, as in The Golden Rule for Empowering Professional Relationships. Jesus’ example stands out not just for our personal lives, but also for our professional conduct. In short, Jesus emerges as the definitive leader in every respect. As we go on the monumental journey with the characters in the plot, we will find that the Golden Rule goes beyond being a maxim and becomes the very essence of evaluating our personal and professional lives. We uncover secrets, unlearn past programming and make a paradigm shift in the way we conduct ourselves. If we are looking for a book that has the power to transform us, here it is —THE GOLDEN RULE.

Praise for the book:

“How can the ways of JESUS mesh successfully with corporate life? Why would we want it to? Ignatius Fernandez describes the ways of JESUS so well. He describes the humbleness, inclusiveness and forgiving nature of JESUS. He describes the how and why we could include it in business relationships. This book is for Christians of all experiences, all denominations. Also, it is for business leaders of all levels. It is well-written and relevant. It is simple, to the point and poignant.” Stephanie Rollins.

” Ignatius Fernandez has produced a scholarly and absorbing analysis of how Jesus Christ’s behavior sets an example, not just for our personal lives, but also for our professional conduct, and gives a compelling and rigorous account of how Jesus was in fact the definitive leader in every respect.” Paul Sellers, Director, British Council, UK.


“Speaking of buoyancy, I am thrilled at the idea that our lead could lend some cheer to those who wish to learn. I had in mind other corporations and professionals, in general. I have not known of any team in the Industrial World consciously choosing to follow Jesus’ Golden Rule. I have known of Christian Congregations and Groups who have tried. Some of them succeeded in part; many did not because of the compulsions and temptations in daily life. People outside the religious fold have not made it their driving principle. Imagine what change can come about when doctors, attorneys, judges, consultants, professors, media managers, bankers, retailers, salespersons and service providers join our ranks! How different transactions will be! When the mind-set is changed, the conversion will be easier. People need to be convinced that the Golden Rule is in their interest; that long term gains and enduring relationships can be built only through understanding and following Jesus’ teachings, which are basic. Your customer, internal or external, will be good to you only if you are good to him. You can’t argue against that. Unless you are fair in your dealings you cannot expect your customer to transact with you again. You can’t dispute that. Once professionals like us stop to think, the logic in Jesus’ words cannot be refuted. The problem is in stopping to think when we are in a mad rush to make more and more money. I am hopeful that the change will come, though slowly, when we all try. I shall be using every forum that I have – speaking and writing – to put across my conviction. Forgive me, our conviction. I urge each of you to seize every opportunity you get to spread the word. We owe it to ourselves and to Jesus. In a way, informing and persuading others in our fraternity could be part of our mission. The task is huge, but the rewards are great. While we are busy propagating the new role of the professional, we should redefine what professionalism is. Qualifications, experience, skills, commitment and competence are important. In your discussions yesterday, you agreed that a professional should optimize the use of resources. The question is: How does he do it? So the means he adopts, to optimize the use of his resources, become vital. Therefore, the picture of the professional is incomplete without the finishing stroke of the brush. Unless he can put life into his relationships – by forging lasting and fulfilling relationships – his profile is incomplete and imperfect. When he has done that he is empowered. To us, professionalism will be the achieving of our goals through empowered professional relationships; living the Golden Rule. At Mount Pharmaceuticals we shall try to perfect our profiles. With constant effort we shall try to influence others to do likewise.” (Words of Victor  Banerjee, the CEO of Mount Pharmaceuticals)

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Author Biography:

Ignatius Fernandez is a post graduate in chemistry and business management. He was awarded a certificate in higher business English by Cambridge University (grade three) in which they found him to have a high level of competence in writing. He is an author of eight books and sixty articles in magazines and on websites. Professor management studies. Corporate trainer for top management. Senior management professional. Speaker. Counselor. Blogger.

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