“They don’t write books like this any more” Go Fast by Rod Humphris @Rats_Tales #bookreview



Title: Go Fast (Simon Ellice Book 2)

Author: Rod Humphris

Genre: Fiction, Adventure


Book Blurb:

Nador, has been a smugglers’ port since the Barbary pirates were raiding Europe from there in the sixteenth century, and it still is today. Si is minding his own business, which is running hash into Spain, when unexpected people start trying to kill him and steal his boat. It’s time to go.


Except that he’d really like to know what’s going on, and then there’s this girl who’s just turned up, and surely one more load wouldn’t hurt…


The truth is that it was already too late for him to leave before he got there and he’s a small piece in a much bigger game. Luckily for Si, those who’re using him don’t really know him any better than he knows them. There’s more to him than the easy going young man they take him to be.


On the calm Alboran Sea at the dark of the moon, through the lush kif terraces of the Rif mountains and in the dunes of the Great Western Erg in the Sahara they hunt him down. But who is hunting whom? And why? And who the hell is that girl really?


The answers to those questions lie in the dark interiors of the men and women involved, and, of course, in Si himself. In the end, it’s personal.


My Review:

Having previously been blown away by the prequel novella (Dead Ground), this second book of the series is one of the best books I have ever read.  I so enjoy the life and times of Simon Ellice. This author captures my sense of humor and it has been times innumerable that my reading of this book had me laughing so loud it disturbed people around me!


I am usually massively opposed to drug smuggling (and it as a topic) but this didn’t dissuade me here.  If I had been fighting in Afghanistan in my early twenties who knows what kind of s**t I would have been involved in two years later.


Simon was fantastic.  The flawed character of Sam reminds me of the character Bullseye in Daredevil.  Gripping, action filled, brilliantly staged, surprises, suspense, humor that made me laugh anyway and now I cannot wait for the next book.


Buy this book, read this book, love this book.  They don’t write books like this any more.  One of the best books of all time and something I can add to my classic re-read pile.  Brilliant.  1000 stars but I can only give it 5+ stars.


My Rating:  5+ stars


Buy it now: 

Direct from the Publisher  https://ratstales.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/go-fast

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Go-Fast-Simon-Ellice-Book-ebook/dp/B01N63SRB2


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Author Biography:

I have no special qualifications to be a writer except that I want to be. I live where I’m from in the West Country in the UK and work in a small room above a pub in Bath, which is possibly the nicest city in the world. I spend my days thinking about, learning about and writing about whatever is interesting to me, which is possibly the best job in the world.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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