Do You Give Generously? #inspiration #grateful #Thanksgiving


Do you give generously not only to those you know and love, but to those people who are strangers to you?

Read the above quote and ask yourself, “Am I a generous person?”

When I first read this quote, I asked myself if that described me.  I hesitated and then admitted that sometimes I am not that person.  I strive to be a kind person and to inspire in every circumstance.  But I sometimes turn into a small person.

Do you ever have that happen?  You are having a great day and are smiling and then life happens and you are having the worst day ever?  You snap at your kids, significant other, store cashier, etc.  In that instant, we are being small.

I am making a pledge today to be a generous person every day and to try to give of myself no matter the circumstances. 

Will you join me?

I think if we can give of ourselves no matter what is going on, we can make the world a better place.




9 thoughts on “Do You Give Generously? #inspiration #grateful #Thanksgiving

  1. I like this expanded version of what generosity means. Thank you for sharing it.

    We’re all guilty of ‘being small’ in those unguarded moments. It’s a good thought to be more mindful of to start off this new day ❤

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