#GivingTuesday: A Day When the World Comes Together to Give #inspiration



Today is Giving Tuesday and food banks need your help. 

I know that I say this a lot but it is something that is close to my heart.  There are people in our neighborhood/town/city who are starving and do not have enough food to eat.  Take a look in your pantry/kitchen and grab non-perishables items.  Drop them off at your local food bank or donate your coffee money to them.

A friend of mine asked me today, “Money is tight for our family during this time of the year.  How can I afford to give to the food bank?”

I responded by asking her, “Where are you going for lunch?”

She shrugged and said, “Probably some fast food place.  I didn’t have time to make my lunch.”

“At least you have that option.  There are some kids at the school down the street who don’t eat lunch because their family can’t afford it.”


I get this response a lot.  I understand that money is tight.  But if I can scrimp and save a few dollars to make sure a child in my neighborhood has food to eat, you can too. In fact, in our Christmas budget, we set aside 20% for the local food bank. If we’re going to have a fantastic Christmas, people in our neighborhood can too.

Can you skip your coffee run this week and donate that money to your local food bank?  Can you look in your kitchen and find a few canned goods/rice/beans to allow a child in your neighborhood to not be hungry?

Giving is as simple as extending your hand and saying, “Here.”  It reminds me of the end of “Scrooged” where Bill Murray talks about giving and keeping the Christmas Spirit all year through.  Watch it and you’ll be moved to give.

Give today.


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