Spotlight: Return to Kilcraig by @RosemaryGemmell #RomanticSuspense #Books



Title: Return to Kilcraig

Author: Rosemary Gemmell

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense


Book Blurb:

The legacy of her beloved grandmother’s cottage in the Scottish village of Kilcraig seems like the ideal solution after Christy Morrison’s recent trauma. Until the threats begin. Can she trust her heart and allow herself to fall in love again?



When Ross McKinley reluctantly welcomes Christy back to the village, he has hardened his heart against love, until they begin to renew their childhood friendship. But someone is determined Christy should go back to London. Will they find the culprit in time?




Christy Morrison stepped down from the train at Glasgow Central Station and took a deep breath. Almost home. Loading her two cases and bag on to a trolley with difficulty, she pushed them along the busy platform, searching for a familiar friendly face. The wood-fronted shops and cafés on the concourse were a welcome sight as was the famous Victorian clock suspended from the ceiling; a meeting place for countless rail travellers over the years.



Cameron had offered to meet her and she couldn’t wait to see him again. As she glanced around, Christy stood still. Making his way towards her was a familiar face all right, but it wasn’t Cameron. She watched as Ross McKinley noticed her and continued towards her without increasing his pace.



She had time to note how he towered above most men, how his dark brown hair flopped slightly on to his high forehead, then she was staring into dark grey eyes that examined her solemnly.



“Hello Christy, welcome back.” He held out a hand and Christy hesitated. Then she let her small hand rest in his for a moment before she withdrew it.



“Hello Ross. I didn’t expect to see you here.”



“I had business in Glasgow yesterday and stayed over so I could meet you. Save Cameron a journey.”



Christy smiled briefly and indicated her luggage. She wished his brother had come instead so she could chat without restraint. Although she was glad to have been met at all, she reminded herself. But there was still constraint between her and Ross that they’d never had a chance to resolve.



“The car’s in the adjacent street.” He lifted the luggage easily, leaving the trolley for someone needier and Christy followed with only her bag to carry, determined to keep up with his long strides.



Not exactly welcoming, but she didn’t expect anything else of Ross McKinley where she was concerned. Their earlier friendship through childhood and teens had changed one year after a foolish New Year’s kiss that she had treated too seriously and he had laughed off in embarrassment. She had been glad to spend her next few years studying and living in London with only fleeting visits back home to her beloved grandmother. And she didn’t need Ross McKinley’s unspoken disapproval to remind her how much she had let Gran down when she became ill. The guilt still followed her around at not being with the elderly woman in her final days.




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Author Biography:

Rosemary Gemmell is a published historical and contemporary novelist for adults (also as Romy) and also writes for the Middle Grade/tween age group (as Ros). Her short stories, articles and occasional poems have been published in UK magazines, in the US, and online and several stories have won awards.



Rosemary has a post-graduate Masters in literature and history and is a member of the Society of Authors, the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and the Scottish Associations of Writers. She loves to share writing information and give help to other writers whenever possible in person and through her blog. She also loves to dance!



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