How Do You Determine Success and Was 2016 Successful? #inspiration #goals #TuesdayMotivation


How do you define success?

It’s nearing the end of 2016 and many people (including me) are looking for success. We all want to feel a sense of accomplishment for all of our hard work this year.

Each of us determines what it means to be successful. I have several author friends and when I ask them if they’ve been successful this year, I get different answers. For some, being successful is making it onto the bestseller list. For others, it’s the amount of sales and/or awards won. For many, it’s name recognition.

This year has been a very successful year for me. I co-wrote and published a collection of love poetry, garnered rave reviews and became a bestseller. Our business increased in both clients and name recognition. I’ve made new friends and let go of some others. I grew a year older, dealt with a few health issues but am in the best shape of my life. I donated more to the food bank than I ever have before. I’m living my dream life and can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

How did 2016 become so successful for me?

Look at the graphic above. Every single thing around the word success I did in 2016. By themselves, they don’t seem like a big deal but when I combine them into my daily life, success is the result.

Success is a natural by-product of the following:





Lead By Example


Team Work


Incorporate them into your life and you’ll soon be successful!!!

Looking back on 2016, what did you accomplish? Share in the comments below.



One thought on “How Do You Determine Success and Was 2016 Successful? #inspiration #goals #TuesdayMotivation

  1. I believe you can judge your success by how well you treated other people. Did you spread good will as much as you could? Do you lend a helping hand to people, not just a cause, but to give yourself fully to others, especially those down on their luck? Did you take the time to pray for others?

    They don’t even have to notice you did it. Maybe they completely ignored your actions. No matter.
    You don’t need anyone’s accolades. Just do it. Seize the moment and share good will. Thereby, your success is the ultimate.

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