Plans Change But Goals are Forever… #inspiration #motivation #goals


We’re nearing the end of the 2016 and my thoughts turn to goals. I peeked at the goals I made back in January and for the most part, I’m fairly successful. Here’s my goals for 2016:

  • Build our author promotions business and gain twice as many clients as we had in 2015.
  • Love each other more than we did in 2015
  • Eat more chocolate
  • Pay down our consumer debt by increasing our payments
  • Donate more to our local food bank than we did in 2015
  • Have fun and enjoy each and every day

One other goal I had was to move up in Amazon Reviewer Rankings. I started the year over 200,000 and am proud to say I’ve moved up to just above 22,000. Sure, my original goal was to make it to being a top 1000 reviewer for Amazon.

Do I feel like a failure? No way! I just had to adjust my plan.

My goal is still the same: get to be a top 1000 reviewer on Amazon; my path getting there may take awhile longer than expected.

Has your plan to reaching your goal(s) taken a u-turn?

Don’t get discouraged. You might just have to change your plan and approach your goal(s) from a different angle. Change the plan, not the goal.



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