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Title: Meretneith

Author: Barbara Ann Cerda

Genre: Erotic Fantasy, Erotic Romance, MFM Romance


Book Blurb:

This is an erotic thriller about a 5,000-year-old female warrior known among her kind as the Protectress. Meretneith covertly leads the remnants of a civilization destroyed by catastrophic land shifts. Her highly evolved culture thrived long before humans walked upright to become an emotionally sentient race. As tribal leader, Meretneith roamed the ancient deserts of Kemet. The beauty now travels the world as a business leader and death dealer.


The novel chronicles, in character retrospections, the events that shaped the developing relationships between Meretneith’s tribe and humanity. As tribal law, she is mated to her brother Ptah from birth. Together they become both stewards of human civilization and guardians against the oldest tribe, the Hyksos. Meretneith’s tribe called them the Old Ones. Winning their freedom from this tribe long before the advent of human kind, they war to maintain that freedom.


Superior in strength and longevity, they lay hidden within human civilizations to secretly lead and protect.


Amassing great wealth the tribe shifts global economies and civilizations’ religious and moral self-perceptions. Threatened by their old enemy Meretneith’s ancestors devised a madman’s scheme. Because of the increased influence of the Hyksos, humanity’s movements toward events of self-destruction must be altered. The scheme incorporates an ambitious global economic initiative. The results will be the creation of offspring that heralds a genetically altered and stronger human race.


Enter the Chicago global financier Saul Ben Izrael who finds it hard at first to accept his new heart’s passions and legacy. As a subterfuge, Saul is recruited to head a global alliance. The promised completion of the project will create a realignment of sovereigns’ wealth. A larger than life urban economic warrior, he is drawn like a magnate to the possibilities of becoming a global economic power. This new project also offers him the love of the incredible beauty Meretneith, head of the largest organization of wealth in the world.


He is a stunning middle-aged giant of a man, who watched his life change in an instant when the beautiful female warrior entered it. Disguised as a global leader she swept him into a world of which he knew nothing. Tribal warriors and leaders Meretneith and brother Ptah were beautiful and 5,000 years old. Born in the deserts of ancient Kemet they came to Chicago to claim as their own the wealth builder Saul Ben Izrael.


Unbeknownst to Saul he is the Chosen One come to lead and defend human kind and to join in the fight against the Old Ones. The three awaken to an indescribable passionate bond. The evolution of a new human kind and the love that seals that bargain paves a magnificent journey.


My Review:

The world is older than you might think and humanity is on a path to self-destruction. Prophesy states there is a Chosen One who will join forces with Tribal Warriors Meretneith and her brother, Ptah (Egyptian Goddess and God retrospectively) and defeat their enemies, known as the Old Ones.


Saul Ben Izrael is a financial god in his own right and when the wealthy Neith Foundation asks for his bid on the biggest financial project the world has ever witnessed, he can’t resist. From the moment he walks into the Neith Foundation and lays eyes on beautiful CEO Meret Neith, he’s under her spell. She invites him to meet her brother in London, England and he accepts, not knowing his life will forever be changed. He’s the Chosen One and Meretneith needs her brother’s help converting Saul before the Old Ones seek their revenge.

Seductive, alluring, heady are what spring to mind when reading this book. Meretneith combines Egyptian mythology with contemporary fantasy. From the first page, I was consumed with the intertwining storylines and erotic scenes. Cerda blends history with modern day beautifully so I could suspend belief while reading. While it dragged a bit in the beginning and middle, plot-wise, the vibrant characters more than made up for it. A very well-written first book in the series that piqued my interest in reading more.


This book is an erotic romance/fantasy and I recommend readers 18+ due to adult situations, menage sex scenes and relationships.


I received a copy from the author in the hopes that I’d review it.


Favorite Character: Meretneith. I’m a sucker for a kick-ass female protagonist and Meretneith is that and so much more. Seductive, powerful (she’s a goddess) and passionate, Meretneith is all the female attributes I admire in one. It’s no wonder men worship her.


Favorite Quote: “Today she would prove to her tribe and all who would oppose her, that she would be the supreme tribal leader. Every sinew, every nerve had been prepared since birth for this moment. Countless hours in combat training, herbs and grains all prepared specifically to create her powerful body. She longed for the rising of Re and for the battle stage in the deserts of Kemet to begin.”


My Rating:  4 stars


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Author Biography:

Barbara Ann Cerda is a Project Manager and Business Writer, featured author in the E-magazines, Surface Earth and Money for Lunch, News and Opinions. From the United States, she has been part of the writing community for over ten years. She loves to write articles, create simple content to explain complex subjects, organize and revamp articles and help other business writers. She says that in learning communication and coaching skills through authoring.  It helps in becoming the constant evolutionist.  No matter the genre, she enjoys the instant gratification of improving and being productive online and in creating seductive writing.


Born in Austin Texas and growing up in Chicago Illinois has refined her life’s experiences and broaden her writing disciplines. The writer was educated in biology and economics at Northeastern Illinois University and Chicago City Colleges. Although her majors do not specify journalism or writing it is punctuated by higher-level course work in speech writing, business prose and lyrical critique.


Barbara Ann Cerda is at the award winning short story author of “Bobann”, winner of the Best 2004 and 2005 Short Story for actor Rutger Hauer’s foundation Starfish.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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