February 14th is the Most Romantic Day of the Year… or is it? #ValentinesDay #inspiration #love


Joelle, My True Love

My thoughts are of you

Of how your caresses

Light a fire in my soul.

Of how your pretty smile

Brightens my whole day

How simply being near you

Takes the dark clouds away.

I love you with all my heart

My mind, body and soul

You will be my beloved wife

This truly will be my joy.

© 2016 Poetry of Love: The Engagement Year by N. N. Light, All rights reserved

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time to talk about romantic love and I dedicate this day and inspirational thought to the man who taught me the real meaning of love, Mr. N.

From the time I was three, I dreamt of my Prince Charming, the handsome man who would love me and make all my dreams come true. I know it sounds like the total cliche but that is exactly what Mr. N did.

The fairy tale didn’t go exactly like it is portrayed by Disney. In fact, I broke Mr. N’s heart twice. Yup, I broke up with him twice, crushing him deeply. It wasn’t until I looked deep into his eyes (for the third time) and saw the unconditional love there that I realized Mr. N’s real name is Prince Charming.

The above poem Mr. N wrote to me on Valentine’s Day when we were engaged. He had to work a double-shift at the restaurant (18 hours) and it tore us both apart that we had to be away from each other on Valentine’s Day. Such is the life of a chef and his beloved but we made the best of it and when he got home, he shared his poem with me. ❤

Nowadays, we don’t celebrate our engagement anniversary on Valentine’s Day but on the weekend following. We call it Love Weekend and it’s a three-day weekend chockful of delicious food, cocktails and romantic movies. We look forward to it every year and it’s one of the ways we keep our marriage burning hot. 😉

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re in a relationship, be sure to take a moment to tell your beloved how much you love them. You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant or spend a lot of money on gifts and flowers to show you care. Spending time with your beloved and showering them with your kindness and love is the best gift you can give.

A note to singles: Listen, I know this is a hard day for you. Everyone around you is gushing about romantic love. Take today and shower yourself with love. Don’t throw a pity party but cherish yourself and indulge in something decadent. You’re beautiful and I love you!

Spread Love and Light!



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