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Title: From a Poison Pen – Volume ii

Author: B. P. Smythe

Genre: Thriller, Macabre, Horror, Short Stories


Book Blurb:

From the extraordinary mind of B.P. Smythe comes a compilation of short stories.


This collection of dark, humours and macabre tales explores the disturbing side of human nature.


From a Poison Pen II is the second book of collected short stories in the trilogy.


My Review:

Not as strong as the first book but there are some extraordinarily good stories in this volume. Be warned: there is one story with graphic sexual descriptions and one story with language that could be offensive (18+). This author is brilliant at short stories.  When he extends the stories to lengthy pieces, he tends to lose his way. It will be highlighted in the individual story reviews.  A decent read with good macabre writing throughout.  Not to read when eating * although I read most of it while eating lol *.


Story 1 – Short, sweet, brilliant 5/5 – the retelling of a horror classic done with panache.


Story 2 – Too long and disjointed and meandering. 1/5 – If the story was going to be this long, then for me, I needed to see the terrorist slowly and painfully cut to bits.  That would have raised this up two points alone.


Story 3 – A strong effort 4/5 – Good pacing, pure evil then pure vengeance. Well done if a tad long.


Story 4 – Confusing 1/5 – Unsatisfying story, never knew who was what and they never flew B-52s in WW2.


Story 5 – 1/5 * DISCLAIMER * The frequent use of the N-word may be disturbing and offensive to many readers (it was to me). More of a novella again.   This was way too long, too complicated, too many offensive scenes using the N-word and hard to understand.


Story 6 – Excellent! 5/5 With a fantastic finish and amazing surprise ending.  A brilliant work and the BEST in this book.


Story 7 – Brilliant ghost story 4/5 – Well written and engrossing.  Warning:  There is a graphic sex scene in this story so 18+ is recommended.  The two friends are great characters and the hauntings are spectacular.  This would have been 5 out of 5 but for the ending.  It wasn’t clear and not satisfying and frankly, I didn’t get it.


Story 8 – Short and blasé 3/5 – The main character is quickly shown to the reader as a total AHE.  (the author has the gift of doing that very well and to quickly convey a strong negative feeling for a character is a gift).  The story just meandered and was a very unsettling and unsatisfying ending.


My Rating:  3 stars


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B. P. Smythe


Author Biography:

I studied engineering at Carshalton College and eventually became a member of the Institute of Quality Assurance.

My engineering career took on many roles including toolmaking and being a technical writer for an artificial limb manufacturer. However, I’ve always enjoyed putting pen to paper while raising quality manuals and writing reports. I also write tennis articles for my local county magazine and relax reading crime and horror fiction. This, coupled with my technical writing career, partly influenced my transition into creative writing.


Wanting to expand my writing knowledge, I obtained a Level 3 / NCFE Certificate / PI410 creative writing diploma.


Sow And You Shall Reap – is my first self- published novel. However, I have submitted numerous short stories for internet competitions including, winning £100 as first prize for my A Rose Without a Thorn for the http://www.spinetinglerspublishing online magazine and winning £50 first prize for my We’ll Meet Again in the online magazine.


Two of my other short stories, Love Me Do and My Secret Place, have also been published in the printed Litro Magazine – Issue 140 – ISBN 978-0-9554245-5-7


Near the end of 2015 I fortunately obtained a three book deal contract with Bloodhound Books to publish a trilogy of macabre/thriller collected short stories. My first book titled – ‘From a Poison Pen’ is the first book of the trilogy and highlights from the stories – What happens when a member of the Hitler youth ends up in a concentration camp? How does a beach side cocktail get in the way the way of one woman’s scheming? What leads a teenage girl to reign down fire and brimstone? When a doctor buries his mistake, can he get away with it?


This collection of dark, humorous and macabre tales explores the disturbing side of human nature.


To purchase ‘From a Poison Pen’ Go to for the Kindle and paperback editions…


Favourite books:

The Shining by Stephen King

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

Psycho by Robert Bloch


Other links to B.P.Smythe for his books – go to:


Sow and You Shall Reap

by B P Smythe. available COPIES on Amazon Kindle and paperback. Isbn:9781456771713


Contact info:


40 Saint Margaret’s Avenue,

North Cheam, Surrey.





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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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