When at a Crossroads, Choose to Take the Bolder Path #inspiration #MondayBlogs

choose bolder


Are you at a crossroads in life and don’t know which path to take?

We’ve all been conflicted by one of life’s intersections and we must choose between two seemingly equal choices. Which way to go? It’s natural to take the easy path but I challenge you to take the bolder, riskier path.


Taking the bolder path stretches your imagination and you learn just how amazing life can be.

When I decided it was time to publish Princess of the Light, the path I first took was the traditional one (get an agent and get published by the Big 5). For more than a year, I submitted to literary agents and after awhile, I started spinning my wheels. What was I doing? Was I making the right choice?

The bolder choice: self-publish. Could I do it myself? Could I hire a cover designer and editor in order to make my book the very best it could be?

I took the leap and have never looked back. Sure, it was scary and I made some costly mistakes. But I learned more about myself and my determination than anything else. I’ve never regretted my decision to go indie and I love the freedom that comes with it.

Life has a way of leading us onto the right path and more times than not, it’s the bolder road to success. Don’t let your fear dictate where you go; follow your heart and go bold!



2 thoughts on “When at a Crossroads, Choose to Take the Bolder Path #inspiration #MondayBlogs

  1. Funny, I was faced with a similar choice a decade ago, Mrs. N. After sending out query letters to every literary agent who had ever been born, I had amassed a collection of almost 500 rejection letters — and Lord knows how many non-response responses. So, I said the heck (not quite that safe a choice of words, though) with it, and published my first book, ‘THE LADIES TEMPERANCE CLUB’S FAREWELL TOUR” myself. I haven’t looked back. In fact, I just self-published the 4th book in my “Adventures in La-La Land” comedy crime series, HURRICANE KRETSCHMAN. It’s like the ancient Chinese proverb says — “Behold the noble turtle. It ONLY makes progress when it sticks its neck out”.


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