Back to the Basics: My Inward Upward Outward Journey by @TallySonrisa Hits Home #bookreview

Book Cover_Back to the Basics


Title: Back to the Basics: My Inward Upward Outward Journey

Author: Tally Sonrisa

Genre: Non-Fiction/Informational and Autobiography


Book Blurb:

In an effort to help change our current trajectory, the author presents a collection of personal stories and informal essays that synchronize with many of the issues facing us today. Healthcare, women’s rights, education, marriage, parenting, spirituality, politics, the environment, and more.

By combining her almost 20-year career in scientific research with playful banter and a love of storytelling, Ms. Sonrisa methodically explores many of the failing systems confronting us today, but rather than presenting a world of despair and hopelessness, she offers a number of creative and practical solutions for individuals and the community at large – a community that she hopes will one day be based on a foundation of science, wellness, togetherness, and love.


My Review:

Back to the Basics is an all-encompassing treatise on life. Starting with her own personal experience, Sonrisa gives the reader a glimpse into how she came to be the woman she is today. Topics include:


  • Growing up
  • Relationships
  • Sex/Intimacy
  • Mother/Stepmother
  • Drug Use
  • Faith/Spirituality/Religion
  • Food/Healthy Living
  • Environment/Housing Issues
  • Inward/Upward/Outward Mantra
  • Spiritual Movement


It’s a lot to take in (over 200,000 words) but this book should be read in small bites, like a magazine/e-zine. Life is a journey and Sonrisa is here to share her experiences and insight. Her mantra is simple: love one another and ourselves and everything else will fall into place.


I found myself nodding in agreement as I read her experiences growing up and falling in love. I laughed at her humorous view on various subjects and cried at her heartbreak. I felt an instant connection with her and the more I read, the more I understood where she was coming from. While I found it a little wordy, at times, the messages came through loud and clear.


We all crave happiness, love and spiritual oneness. Let’s all get back to the basics.


A must read and I highly recommend!


Favorite Quote:

“I believe that if we can simply learn to love ourselves and others, while pursuing a life filled with kindness, righteousness, forgiveness, and generosity, we will find ourselves blessed with the spiritual bounties of inner peace, happiness, oneness, and personal fulfillment.”


My Rating: 4 stars


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Author Photo_Tally Sonrisa


Author Biography:

Ms. Sonrisa received her undergraduate degree in Biology in 1996 from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, and obtained her Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University in 2000.


As her career in scientific research evolved, Ms. Sonrisa became deeply interested in the basic underpinnings of our existence, leading her to carefully examine the world around us and question the direction of our future as a society. Invigorated with the desire to help heal our planet and its inhabitants, Ms. Sonrisa has spent the past several years reading, learning, growing, and cobbling a path towards a more enlightened future.


Ms. Sonrisa was born in Virginia, raised in Maryland, and has also lived in Rhode Island and Mississippi, although she feels most at home in the Pacific Northwest, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter, two stepsons, and four, rescued furries (two cats and two dogs).


When she’s not working or writing, Ms. Sonrisa loves spending time with her family and friends; exploring the outdoors; traveling; taking pictures; hiking or going for long walks; yoga; all things music; skating; scuba diving; swimming; reading; writing; drawing/coloring; gardening; cooking/baking; watching movies/documentaries; and learning how to live a sustainable, renewable, health-full, and balanced lifestyle.


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Twitter @tallysonrisa


Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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