Spread Your Light Through #Kindness and You’ll Make Someone’s Day! #inspiration #affirmations

kindness light

Did you know you’re an angel?

You are!

You have several opportunities each and every day to spread Light and love.

How, you may be asking? Through kindness.

You’re rushing through the grocery store and spot and elderly woman standing on her tippy toes, reaching for an item just out of reach. What do you do? Do you pretend you don’t see her or do you offer to help her?

Your significant other has a deadline at work and needs to stay late at the office. Do you offer to make dinner even though its his/her turn to cook or do you let him/her have it for not being there?

It’s raining outside and you’re waiting at a red light. You look over and see a pedestrian getting soaked. When the light turns, do you cut them off making your turn or do you allow the walker to cross the street?

Each of these moments is an opportunity for you to spread your inner Light and show kindness. What makes you an angel is which path you choose to take.

We’re all in a hurry these days but if you just take a moment and help someone out through a simple act of kindness, you’ll be a Kindness Angel. Trust me, the goodness that comes from it will far outweigh the minute it took to perform it.

Spread the Light through Kindness and make someone’s day!!!



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