#WednesdayWisdom: Surround Yourself With People Who… #inspiration #grateful

surround yourself


Are you surrounded by people who love, motivate and encourage you?

In order to grow as a person, we need a nurturing environment. Think of yourself as a seedling and in order to grow into a productive plant/shrub/tree, you need sun, water and extra nutrients. Without that kind of supportive environment, you’ll wither and die.

When I was younger, I didn’t surround myself with positive, encouraging people. In fact, my so-called friends spewed negativity and brought me down. I couldn’t do anything right and was an embarrassment. It’s no wonder I had a low self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I distanced myself from these downers that I began to bloom. I replaced negative friends with positive buddies and you know what, my whole outlook changed. I started dreaming big dreams and the people around me supported me. In fact, they were my cheerleader squad! I tried a bunch of new things and spread my wings.

We all need a positive support system, a group of peers who’ll love, motivate and encourage us. They’ll hold us up when we falter and be our training wheels when we get back on our bicycle. Their unconditional love uplifts us to reach for the stars and celebrates when we reach success.

So again I ask: are you surrounded by people who love, motivate and encourage you?ย 

If not, maybe it’s time to switch up the people you call your friends.



4 thoughts on “#WednesdayWisdom: Surround Yourself With People Who… #inspiration #grateful

  1. Yes, I do. I need optimistic and positive colleagues to work with, friends to enjoy life with, and family, too. I need to feel inspired and inspire others too. I dislike people who are constantly negative , they can spoil your day and even ruin your life!


  2. i try too. right now i distanced myself from my parents who were constantly saying bad things, discouraging things to me. yet i try to keep my dreams real. like, dreaming for a better job, travelling the world, making new friends, reading all the books that i want, writing something someday, meeting ppl i love….all are possible dreams. but don’t let me dream that i’ll become someday the second adele in music. i lack enough talent by far, my age is dragging me down and the chances practically don’t exist. if i don’t block myself into wishing not realistic things, i can achieve a lot of realistic, possible great things.


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