Are You Taking Time for Solitude? #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts #stress

summer vakay solitude


Are you taking time away from work, family and obligations?

We’re all living very busy lives. We have things/people/activities clamoring for our attention. Whether it’s our phone ringing off the hook, text messages pining our device or our boss emailing in the middle of the night, it’s hard to escape it all. We feel strung out and exhausted.

Find some solitude.

“What? Is she crazy?” I know you’re thinking this but hear me out.

Turn off your device and take some time away to rest, rejuvenate and recenter yourself.

I co-run (with MR N) a business from home and it would be easy for me to work around the clock. I mean, I have clients from all over the world and they email me 24/7. I know that if I did that, I would be a stress monster and no one wants to see that. Instead, I work from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm. I clock in and out like a day job. I take a 30 minute lunch and have a few breaks during the day.

Why do I do this? I need time away to spend quality time with my husband (Mr. N) and to rest.

Life is in constant motion, like the ocean, filled with low and high tides. Even the ocean rests (low tide). Seek solitude, even if it is for a few minutes a day. You’ll be more productive and less stressed.

Where do you seek solitude in your day? Share in the box below.



3 thoughts on “Are You Taking Time for Solitude? #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts #stress

  1. When I wake up on mornings I loveeee to sit on a couch next to an open window and enjoy my breakfast — it really soothes and refreshes me. I also enjoy my alone time to read, write and just unwind away from the world.

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