Strength Doesn’t Come From Winning but From Overcoming Pain #inspiration #motivation



How much strength does it take to overcome pain?

525 push-ups.

This morning, as I was coming out of the washroom, Mr. N grunted in pain. He was doing his second set of push-ups. I asked him if he was okay. His response: a nod. When he was finished, he did a victory lap and I blew him a kiss.

“Oh baby, I did it. I didn’t know if I could because of this lower back pain.” He pointed to an area of back muscles on his right side. “Right here.”

“Way to go, my love. I knew you could do it! See, you didn’t know if you could make it but then your strength kicked in.”

He smiled and then it hit me. Mr. N’s morning push-ups are a metaphor for life.

When we feel down and can’t take another step, our inner strength kicks in and we have the extra energy/motivation/resolve to see it through. Victory is in our grasp.

We’re all going through our own personal struggles and while it seems pointless right now, in reality, they are building up our mental muscles. Hardship is the best personal trainer in the world.

So as you go about your day and run into a roadblock, think back on Mr. N and how he pushed through the pain to get his push-ups done. If he can do it, then so can you!



3 thoughts on “Strength Doesn’t Come From Winning but From Overcoming Pain #inspiration #motivation

  1. Thank you my angel for finding inspiration in my daily workout. I have always tried to live by the simple credo that the fastest way out is through. Whenever possible when faced by a challenge I dive into it and soon it is behind.

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