The Baby on the Back Porch by Lucia N. Davis Blends #Paranormal and #Mystery! #bookreview #books



Title: The Baby on the Back Porch

Author: Lucia N Davis

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery Novella


Book Blurb:

An old cabin, hidden in the forests of the Northern Cascades, has been a silent witness to mysterious events long forgotten. But sometimes the past has a way of resurfacing…


In search of solace after a personal tragedy, Sara Eriksson exchanges vibrant San Francisco for a small mountain village. Initially, everything at the cabin is just as she imagined: Her new surroundings are breathtaking, and her landlord, David, is kind and helpful. As soon as she’s left alone, however, Sara finds her new home is not quite as peaceful as she’d thought. First, she has an unwanted visitor. Then, an unsettling dream…


Sara pursues the leads presented to her, but she can’t solve the mystery on her own. It takes both Sara and David to uncover the truth about the past—and discover a connection they never expected.


My Review:

Sara, in need of a break, leaves San Francisco for a rented cabin in the woods. She’s dealing with the loss of both of her parents in a horrible car crash and the cabin is an oasis, perfect for her writing. Her landlord, David, is helpful and only a phone call away. But mysterious events long ago resurface and Sara is left wondering why. Is she just as crazy as past residents of the cabin or is there something begging to be discovered?


I really enjoyed this short novella. Given its length, I read it in one afternoon. The paranormal sub-plot intrigued me and I had to keep reading to discover what happened next. Both Sara and David are fleshed out characters which is impressive given how short it is. There’s an attraction between Sara and David but I’d totally classify it as clean (not even kissing, I don’t think).


Davis has a talent for descriptive narrative and she describes the setting and Sara’s feeling of isolation vividly. I’d close my eyes and I was deep in the forest, hearing growls and birds. There were a few inconsistencies but nothing to detract you from the story. The mystery at the center of this story fascinated me and I was kept in suspense the whole time. Well done, as I pride myself on being a huge mystery buff. I look forward to reading more from her.


Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in the hopes I’d review it.


Favorite Character/Quote:

Sara. I was drawn immediately to her and empathized with her loss. I also like her quirks, including being a little klutzy. It made me love her more. Her Nancy Drew curiosity got her in trouble a few times and I shook my tablet a few times in warning but she didn’t listen to me.


My Rating:  4.5 stars


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Author Biography:

Lucia Davis is the author of The Dunnhill Series 1 and 2. The Baby on the Back Porch, a novelette, introduces the reader to Sara Eriksson and explains how she ends up in Dunnhill, leading to the mysterious things happening at her new cabin. In the novella The Charm of Lost Chances, Sara returns to Dunnhill, where again, she is faced with a new mystery from the past.


Lucia Davis lives in Michigan with her husband and two children. She loves traveling and has visited many countries over the years, experiencing different cultures and landscapes. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking and doing yoga.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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