Navy SEAL Six Pack (SEAL of My Own) by @ElleJamesAuthor #bookreview #romanticsuspense



Title: Navy SEAL Six Pack (SEAL of My Own)

Author: Elle James

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Book Blurb:

For a SEAL undercover on a top conspiracy, attraction could be dangerous…


Raised on a ranch and trained as a Navy SEAL, Benjamin “Montana” Raines has a work ethic that’s unshakable—even in the midst of a beautiful and jaded CIA operative. A dangerous conspiracy threatens the United States, and Benjamin has a new case. And a new partner.


Kate McKenzie has been burned before. And now she is paired with someone she’s supposed to trust against her deeper instincts. In the cutthroat world of millionaires and politicians in Washington, DC, Kate and Benjamin must go undercover to prevent an attack. But as the risks to their safety heighten, so does their undeniable attraction to one another…


My Review:

Navy SEAL Benjamin Raines is on a deep undercover mission and is paired with a sexy CIA operative Kate McKenzie. Together, they must put aside their heated rivalry and mutual attraction in order to stop a deadly U. S. attack. As the threats intensify and fireworks fly between Kate and Benjamin, all hands are on deck to catch the enemy. Will the SEAL six-pack (another term for a SEAL team) stop their evil plot in time or is it too late?


From the first page, I was hooked. Cue shower scene. Benjamin and Kate sizzle and Elle James ratchets up the suspense. I loved the accuracy of the SEAL and CIA operations. It added to the authenticity of the story. I honestly gasped aloud when the enemy was revealed. I never saw it coming. Well done, James! Gripping, suspenseful, romantic edge-of-your-seat thriller ripped from current headlines. A must read!


Favorite Character/Quote:

Kate. She’s a tough woman working in a male-dominant industry so her exterior is as solid as a Tiger tank. Yet, she has a soft side that I adore. An honest-to-goodness real woman, which I love reading, since I am one, too. Benjamin gets under her skin and her reactions were realistic. I want to read more about Kate.


My Rating:  5 stars


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Author Biography:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Elle James, spent twenty years livin’ and lovin’ in South Texas, ranching horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus. A former IT professional, Elle is proud to be writing full-time, penning intrigues and paranormal adventures that keep her readers on the edge of their seats. Now living in northwest Arkansas, she isn’t wrangling cattle, she’s wrangling her muses, a malti-poo and yorkie. When she’s not at her computer, she’s out snow-skiing, boating, or riding her ATV, dreaming up new adventures in stories.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N



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