Horror Unearthed! Hounds of Dracula by Ken Johnson #bookreview #Netflix #TuesdayBookBlog

Hounds of Dracula


Title: The Hounds of Dracula

Author: Ken Johnson

Genre: Horror


Book Blurb:

Horror unearthed!


An ancient crypt in Transylvania lies freshly opened.


A monstrous creature and its master move through the night.


The fangs of the evil past are bared for a new generation of victims …


… as the most terrifying of all curses comes forth to claim not only man but beast for the legion of the undead.


My Review:

A fun quick vampire novel.  It has the lore down perfectly and the vampires and their vampire dogs are like vampires are meant to be – sunlight will kill them.  A fast read with lots of thrills and chills.  A slightly predictable but fun book.


Worth the effort to source a copy out of a used book shop.  Especially for fans of both traditional vampires and fans of Cujo.  If you think that dog is scary, wait ‘til you face a vampire dog!


My Rating:  4 stars


Buy it now:

It’s out of print but you can find it from sellers online and possibly in second-hand book stores.


The movie, Zoltan, Hounds of Dracula, is based on this book and available on Netflix.


Reviewed by: Mr. N



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