Idiot’s Tale by Anthony Land is Brilliantly Written! #thriller #mystery #TuesdayBookBlog

Idiots Tale


Title: Idiot’s Tale: It’s always darkest just before the end

Author: Anthony Land

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Fiction Noir, Private Detective Noir


Book Blurb:

Your name is John Rainwater. You’re an aging and penniless private investigator. You may have killed someone. You and your client are up to your necks in something terrifying. The female spy who is supposed to be keeping you alive may be insane. And tomorrow things could get really bad.

It began when the rich and beautiful Morgana Trehane burst into your low-rent office near the New Orleans docks, claiming that she has just escaped from kidnappers who grilled her about something called White Stone, which may be the realization of the ancient dream of turning base metal into gold.

Within 24 hours you and your client are in Miami, with ex-Mossad agent Roni Miller – the most violent woman you ever met – guiding you through a tangle of lies, greed, and deadly peril. What you are pursuing isn’t just the promise of endless wealth, but a device that could set off the most terrible war in human history.

You are vastly out of your depth, the body count is rising, and all you know for certain is that if this operation you’ve stumbled into fails, you, the lovely Morgana, and everyone else involved will end up in unmarked graves so that people in power can deny that it ever existed.

Idiot’s Tale is unlike any thriller you’ve read, careening between mordant humor and nihilistic darkness, on its way to an ending that will haunt you for a long time.

If you’re a fan of fast-paced, smart thrillers with a very dark edge, you should read Idiot’s Tale. Go ahead. We dare you!


My Review:

This was a great read.


The tale of Dr. Rainwater and Morgana was a page turner that I couldn’t wait to continue.  I love the intellectual aspect to the gritty PI and many of the lines will resonate with me, going forward.  The least of which was ‘Figjam’. Do not Google a definition in front of children or people with mild constitutions.


Warning: I must warn the reader that there are scenes and descriptions of graphic violent torture that could offend.  I did find it hard to eat lunch and read them but I am a trooper.


I found the ending was not satisfying but this was a stand-alone book and it seems pretty certain that there won’t be a sequel.  I loved the book, would be happy to get a hardcover/paperback so I could keep it on my mystery shelf.


One last point, I have read or watched hundreds of mysteries and didn’t know what was going on here.  Brilliantly written.  Recommended to every fan of Fiction Noir.  A spectacular private eye book worth the time and money.  Buy this book.



My Rating: 5 stars


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Anthony Land


Author Biography:

I’ve made my living as a writer since I was 18 years old. In the process of becoming one hell of a lot older, I’ve been a newspaperman, wire service reporter, television journalist, advertising man, medical writer, marketer, public relations adviser and ghostwriter.


While I’m of the school that holds that no author should be analyzed beyond what he or she chooses to publish, I will admit to being a non-believing summa cum laude graduate in philosophy from a Jesuit university who, in the course of a somewhat adventurous life, has seen more of the dark side of humankind than he might have wished and contributed more to its absurdity than he intended


I am very interested in the reaction of readers to what I have written, and hope you will see fit to share your impressions of IDIOT’S TALE, NIKA and my most recent novel, THE BANSHEES, either as formal reviews, on this forum or with me personally at .


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Reviewed by: Mr. N



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