Looking for a #BeachRead? 1-Click This #99cents Deal + an #AuthorInterview #romance #ASMSG #IAN1



Looking for a fun, sweeter romance to read this summer? Planting the Seeds of Love: A Novella is getting rave reviews. Here’s what readers like you say:


“Great descriptive narrative, vivid dialogue that not only breathed life into the characters but provided a window into life in a tight knit countryside community.The countryside community was portrayed so positively, it even lured this committed city girl into sampling a taste of country life with a farm visit next holiday.” – Ariel C.


“I found N. N. Light’s book refreshingly honest in its character development while still laying out those adult themes of desire, loss of control and jealousy.” – L. Johnson


“For a short story, this one is so well-developed and full of wonderful characters, it was a pleasure to read.” – K. Westrope




Get your copy for 99 cents/pence June 15 – 22 on Amazon US and Amazon UK


Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/Planting-Seeds-Love-N-Light-ebook/dp/B01581XM50/

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Planting-Seeds-Love-N-Light-ebook/dp/B01581XM50/


Author Interview: Mr. N and Mrs. N sit down with Abbie Roads


Today we’re featured on Abbie Roads’ Authors on the Couch and as a special treat, we’re both answering questions. We talk about some very personal things so please come and check it out:




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couple N N Light


N. N. Light


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