One Year Left by J. C. Robinson is a Touching #NewAdult #Romance! #bookreview

One Year Left


Title: One Year Left

Author: J. C. Robinson

Genre: New Adult Romance


Book Blurb:

In the last year of his life, Will moves to Portland in search of happiness, but the disappointment and despair of his past aren’t influenced by distance. Then he meets his new roommate, Kristen. Even with her own emotional scars, she’s everything he’s ever wanted. The trouble is, old habits are hard to break and if they can’t find a way to move forward, they risk losing their best chance at love.


My Review:

Readers of Nicholas Sparks and John Green (Fault in Our Stars) will love this new adult romance.


What would you do if you were given one year left to live? What would you focus on and what if the Universe matched you up with the perfect girl? Would you pursue it to see what happens or would you keep your distance, knowing you have little time left?


Such is the dilemma for Will. He’s got one year to live and decides to seize the moment in a big way. He moves to Portland, works with his best friend at a food truck, trying to figure out life. He meets his new roommate, Kristen, and is immediately smitten. She’s everything he wants in a girlfriend but she’s unavailable. He decides it’s better to be in her life than not at all. But when she finds herself sans boyfriend, Will makes his move. Will the past continue to hold them back, destroying their shot at love, or can they overcome all odds together?


Such a great romance, reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks, and I really enjoyed reading it. Realistically written with honest dialogue and relatable characters. I hated Kristen’s boyfriend and was happy when he was out of the picture. The relationship between Will and Kristen developed naturally and the conflicts were very real. There’s not a lot of character growth with Will and Kristen but that’s just a personal preference. Robinson doesn’t hold back Will’s dark thoughts on death and dying. I found it refreshing and somewhat inspiring.


If you’re looking for a sweet romance dealing with love, romance, healing from the past and terminal illness, pick up One Year Left. You’ll be glad you did!


Favorite Character/Quote: “I like your…” He looked me in the eyes and I saw him take in the entirety of me visible above the table. “I like your everything, to be honest.”


My Rating:  4 stars


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JC Robinson


Author Biography:

J.C. Robinson is 26 years-old and lives in Clarksville, MD with his puppy, who thinks tennis balls are treats. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 2013 with a Criminal Justice & Criminology degree. As of March 2017, he has left his job as a professional hand holder (IT-ish) to pursue writing full-time.


J.C. enjoys listening to Bon Iver, playing with Max (his rogue puppy), and watching How I Met Your Mother. His favorite movie is also Adventureland — the last scene totally makes his heart flutter. He wants you to know that lettuce is a no-go in tacos and hamburgers (but salads are okay).


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N



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