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Inspirational Quotes


Title: Inspirational Quotes about Life (Wisdom Quotes Illustrated Book 2)

Author: Philip G. Schmitz

Genre: Inspiration, Quotes, Self-Improvement


Book Blurb:

This is Book 2 in the Wisdom Quotes Illustrated series. It features bold images, reflections, and quotes about optimism, courage, love, and some 30 other topics.

So what’s in it for you?

Quotes inspire us by focusing attention on things we already know, or at least sense. It might be fun to dial back a notch and simply call them “reminders.”

For example, remember that you’re free to define yourself, let go of the past, and choose your own road. Remember that life is more than a destination, it’s the entire journey. Enjoy it now and keep worry in check.

Always had something you wanted to try? Imagine the impossible, and then start by taking small steps. For strength, look inside. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Keep in mind that they’re the tuition you pay for experience.

“Quotes on Life” also reminds you to cultivate the more reflective traits, such as forgiveness and gratitude. They can do more to improve your life than almost anything else. What about altruism and generosity? When you give, you actually gain. And maybe patience isn’t your greatest strength, but have you ever tried to push a river?

Here’s a suggestion: the first time you open the book, scroll through and simply enjoy the pictures. They will entertain you. Then come back to the table of contents and focus in on your special interests.

“You have escaped your cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly.”~Rumi


My Review:

The author really nailed it with this effort.  He uses many great quotes to illustrate the points he’s trying to get across. The author is heavily influenced clearly by some of the most inspirational writers today, both in print and on the web.


Using his voice to bring to life the sections is a vast improvement over the first work.  His style brings each point home and lets the reader contemplate how he/she can apply it to his/her own life. A brilliant piece that will make you feel better.


This book is a guidebook on how to live life correctly.  A good read for everyone.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Philip G Schmitz


Author Biography:

Life is like a gemstone. Let’s hold it under the light and watch it sparkle.


Born in Princeton, NJ, Philip Schmitz spent his formative decades in Salzburg, Austria. His exposure to a foreign culture exerted an enormous influence on his life.


As a professional translator, he has written well over a million words. Although much of his work was printed between the covers of books (12) and published online, it left him unsatisfied.


Wisdom Quotes Illustrated is his first attempt at publishing on the subjects that matter to him most: learning, developing, and changing; staying inspired and motivated; and cultivating a positive, optimistic frame of mind even—and especially—when difficult situations arise.


His goal is to produce a series of books that will provide awareness and insight, and encourage personal growth.


Philip lives in Connecticut. When he’s not up to his neck in a translation or busily collecting quotes for his next book, he enjoys baking cakes and can found walking in the quiet recesses of nearby nature preserves.


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