It all comes down to this — A Guardian Falls by @RTranBooks #fantasy #bookreview #FridayReads

A Guardian Falls


Title: A Guardian Falls (Chronicles of the Coranydas Book 2)

Author: R. Tran

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy


Book Blurb:

All looks bleak when Mara is forced to return home after her love’s brush with death. She only has one magical artifact and the army seems out of reach. The consequences should she fail or even succeed finally set in and Mara has doubts about everything.  There will be a war of blades and magic with Mara at the center, but Mara wonders if she has the strength to survive.


My Review:

It all comes down to this: the final battle.


After rescuing her lover from her enemy’s clutches, Mara returns home exhausted, feeling defeat seep into her bones. As the enormity of the situation crushes her spirit, she starts to doubt everything and everyone. What if she fails? What if she succeeds? Will the Shield hold? Will she have the strength to survive? Before she’s ready, her enemy attacks and she must lead her own army. A fierce battle ensues and when all is said and done, Mara lives out her destiny.


Like Lord of the Rings, A Guardian Falls is rich with action scenes, intricate plot with a lot of secondary characters and a few twists I didn’t see coming. Tran takes us on an epic journey where Mara is once again doubting her destiny and abilities. I know many readers enjoy seeing their hero almost fail but it’s not my cup of tea. I like a strong hero, ready to kick butt anytime, anywhere.


A Guardian Falls is reminiscent of The Walking Dead, in that there are a multitude of diverse characters, each with its own view of the story.


If you love a good epic fantasy with a killer final battle, pick up A Guardian Falls. It’s worth it for the action scenes alone.


Favorite Character/Quote:

“I only want one man’s life. It’s a shame so many will have to die defending him.”


My Rating:  3.5 stars


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R Tran


Author Biography:

R.Tran is a first-time author who started writing as therapy after losing her father at 16. Her first manuscript was finished 4 years later, but sat around for years gathering dust before she had the courage to let someone read it. Sixteen years and many revisions later, what began as therapy is now a published novel.
Twenty years after her father’s death she has a husband, two children, and a dog he never met.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N



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