The Hypocrisy Foundation by Gabriel Bacopa is a Gripping Collection #bookreview #books #satire

The Hypocrisy Foundation


Title: The Hypocrisy Foundation

Author: Gabriel Bacopa

Genre: Short Stories, Satire, Social Commentary


Book Blurb:

5 stories centered around the theme of hypocrisy.


My Review:

A collection of four short stories shedding light on the often-found issue of hypocrisy in the 21st century.  Two stories in this collection are brilliant and carry this book; two stories are lesser lights for different reasons and bring this to only four stars.  Still a solid, if slightly flawed, book.  A good read for people trying to get a grip on what is hypocrisy and how common it is today.


1st Story – 3/5

A reprint of an already published short story.  This lack of originality – going word for word just doesn’t work for me.  I understand building from a short story to create a novella or a novel but not verbatim.


2nd Story – 5/5

This story about the constant playing of drums is amazing.  The story on it’s face is a great read.  The depth of meaning and how this harpoons our current social media mad world is breathtaking.


3rd Story – 2/5

The island story had a solid premise with the two societies who did opposite but also similar behavior and was very illustrative.  You shouldn’t judge anyone.

My great problems with this story stem from the virulent homophobic take (presented as by Dutch explorers reporting observations).  This is such an old and soundly defeated argument.  Love is love and when that love occurs in a way that you personally do not wish to take part in, you celebrate that love has been found.  To equate same sex love to the ILLEGAL relationship of an adult with a child is offensive and wrong.  The implication that an adult can have a ‘relationship’ with a child is just offensive and cannot be condoned.


4th Story – 5/5

The signature story about hypocrisy.  The premise is brilliant and the humor is droll.  A great read that really illustrates how hypocrisy works in this world.


My Rating: 4 stars


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Author Biography:

Modern Shakespearean/Wise Fool. Gabriel Bacopa has been called one of the best authors of the 21st century. “This Generation’s John Steinbeck.” “The most prescient author of the 21st century.” He was born to a Palestinian Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother in the Suburbs of Orange County, CA. His book topics and genres range from mental illness/health, philosophy, politics, Dark Comedy, social commentary, dystopia, sci-fi, romance and suspense.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N



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