Never Be Complacent and Relying on What You’ve Accomplished! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts

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Are you complacent, happy to rest on what you’ve already accomplished or are you constantly trying to improve yourself?


When I was single, I was always sitting dormant, not trying new things and feeling like I was living in a rut. All that changed when I married MR N. He’s one of the most competitive, driven people I’ve ever met. He’s a competitor, learning and teaching every day, even when he’s exhausted. He taught me the importance of pushing oneself off the cliff of complacency into the stratosphere of possibility.


As an author, it’s easy to fall back on my accolades and praise. The reality is that successful authors, no matter if they are traditionally published or indie, push themselves to keep writing and keep improving their craft. It’s all about the next book, the next series, not what they’ve already written.


Take my advice and be like a tree, always growing and craning your neck towards the sun. Don’t be satisfied with what you’ve already done but continue to grow and reach for new heights.




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