A New Perspective: #Grateful #Blessed #TuesdayThoughts

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Is your perspective mostly positive, mostly negative or somewhere in between?


As many of you know, I’m mostly positive. I look at life through positively rosy lenses. Sure, life can throw obstacles in my way and I have struggled through more stuff than the average person goes through but when it comes down to brass tacks, I’m blessed.


I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a man who loves me more than anything in the world and am making a difference in the world through my words and actions. Everything else is icing on the cake.


It’s time to get a new perspective, people. Instead of looking at what you don’t have or what you haven’t achieved yet, concentrate on all the blessings in your life. Be grateful for everything and try to see the positive in all circumstances. The hardships you’re enduring are strengthening and molding you into the person you’re going to become. Like a diamond, you need pressure to bring out your brilliance. 




2 thoughts on “A New Perspective: #Grateful #Blessed #TuesdayThoughts

  1. Staying positive is a choice, but often it’s hard work. However, when successful, your attitude rewards you in unexpected ways so I do the work. Most times. Everyone has those days when life just gets you down. The important thing is to not let that day become multiple days. There’s an old Scots saying I like to reference: “I’ll lay me down and bleed a while and then I’ll fight again.”

    Have a wonderful day!

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    1. I totally agree with you, Joan. Staying positive is a conscious decision I make every day and yes, sometimes I slip and a negative thought creeps in. I have bad days too but you’re right, we have to make sure the bad days don’t fester in our hearts.

      Oooh, I’ll have to remember that old Scots saying.


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