Friday Book Round-Up Spotlights Three Amazing Children’s Books #FridayReads #kidlit #bookreview

Friday Book Round Up


Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Book Round-Up. I love reading children’s books and have had the pleasure of discovering three amazing books. So, I’d like to share them with you as well as my thoughts. I hope you like them as much as I do!


Lizzie and Lou Seal by Patricia Keeler (Free as of Thursday night)

What will Lizzie do when Lou Seal loses his puff?


Lizzie loves her flip-flops. They go shuffle shuffle across the rug, smack smack on the floor tiles, and thwap thwap down the stairs. Lizzie also loves her blow-up toy, Lou Seal. Lizzie and Lou Seal are off to the beach, but beach fun turns to beach disaster when Lizzie loses her flip-flops and Lou Seal starts losing air! It’s a sink or swim scenario. What will Lizzie do?


This is a beautiful book with mixed media art and a lovely retro feel, for fans of Ladybug Girl at the Beach. Children will relate to Lizzie’s independence and creative problem solving and fall in love with Lou Seal themselves. Filled with lots of fun words and sounds, this is a perfect read aloud book for parents and children alike.


Review: Lizzie’s ready for the beach. She has her flip flops and her best friend, who happens to be her blow-up toy, Lou Seal. But along the way, Lizzie loses her flip flops but it turns serious when Lou Seal starts losing air. What will Lizzie do? A cute story with beautiful watercolor illustrations. It reminded me of when I was young and loved going to the beach. Ideal for kids ages 4-7.


Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat and Rat by Melinda Thompson  (Author), Melissa Ferrell (Author), Doug Oglesby (Illustrator) – Free as of Thursday night

Reading is a neurologically complex skill. So, it isn’t surprising that many children find learning to read difficult. Make learning to read more fun with award-winning Budding Reader eBooks, arguably the easiest learn-to-read book series on the market. These research-based eBooks were developed in consultation with Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., the former Director of Language and Literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They were illustrated by artist, Doug Oglesby, winner of one Emmy, five Emmy nominations, and three international awards from the Broadcast Designers Association.

Budding Reader eBooks use an innovative format to ease children into reading. Using research-based best practices identified by the National Reading Panel, each of the five Budding Reader eBook sets (one for each short vowel sound) tells an original story over the course of ten books. Previewing a book dramatically improves reading comprehension, so Book 1 in each set is a wordless picture book which introduces the story through colorful illustrations. Repetition aids brain development, so the story is retold in Books 2-10 with an ever-expanding vocabulary. By repeating words and gradually adding new ones, Budding Reader eBooks help new readers (even reluctant ones) experience success from the very start.

In total, the Budding Reader eBook series introduces more than 60 simple words including dozens of common sight words. Learning is reinforced with free companion writing worksheets (available at which provide a multisensory experience and enable children to practice both reading and writing. A free parent guide with tips for working with new readers is also available on the website.

The first set in the series, Cat and Rat, introduces the short “a” vowel sound and is designed to be a child’s very first reader. With only eleven words (and, at, can, cat, look, rat, see, stop, that, the, you) introduced over the course of ten books, Cat and Rat aims to provide even the most reluctant reader with a positive first introduction to reading.

Set 1: Cat and Rat (Short a; 11 words)
Set 2: Wit and Kit (Short i; 17 words)
Set 3: Bugs (Short u; 18 words)
Set 4: Hop! (Short o; 18 words)
Set 5: Hens (Short e; 22 words)

For every eBook set sold, Budding Reader donates one to a child in need. One for You. One for the World. A Better World with Every Purchase.

Gold Mom’s Choice Award Winner: The Mom’s Choice Awards has named Cat and Rat among the very best in family-friendly media, products and services.

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Review: I loved this book and it’s perfect for any child learning to read. It’s ten books in one and it starts with a series of illustration. Then with each new book (or section) it introduces the reader to a new word so by the end of reading book ten, the reader will have learned ten new words. I love the concept of this and it makes reading fun for kids. The best part is that for every book sold, Budding Reader donates one to a needy child. Brilliant! Ideal for kids ages 3 – 5.


If You Have A Hat: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids by Gerald Hawksley  (Author, Illustrator)

If you have a hat, put it on your head!
Simple silly rhyming text and jolly pictures make this a super book for sharing with children. Ideal for encouraging creative kids to make up their own silly rhymes, as well!
A great illustrated children’s book for ages 2 and up, it is also suitable for beginner readers, or for bedtime rhyme time.
(The ebook version contains extra pages of hat-based jokes and puzzles, making it even more value for money.)


Review: I’m a big fan of silly rhymes in children’s books. Not only is it fun to read (aloud or to yourself), kids love it. Hawksley reminds me of Dr. Seuss in that he awakens the imagination in every reader and is a very talented artist. His illustrations are very colorful and the wording is easy for anyone to understand. In this one, his subject is hats and it’s a cute one. My favorite one has to be this joke – What kind of hats do penguins wear? Ice caps! Highly recommend! Ideal for ages 3 – 6.



What’s the best children’s book you’ve read recently? Share in the comments below. Happy Reading!


MRS N, Book Addict



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