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We’re pleased to announce that this fantastic series has brand new covers!


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Title: The Rashade’ : Chronicles of the Coranydas Volume 1

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Epic Fantasy


Book Blurb:

“I killed many more men after that, but it is his face that I will always remember.” Mara


After her father was murdered before her eyes, Mara Coranyda traded a life of privilege, for one devoted to vengeance. Shortly into her quest to find the mage that murdered him, Mara discovered it wouldn’t be an easy task to accomplish. Not only would she have to find the magical artifacts to destroy him, but she would also have to raise an army to stop his conquest of her homelands.



Kailin pulled her in closer to him and stared at her with his violet eyes. It was a thrill that she instantly rebelled against. “You’re not going to let that stop you. Not when you have the opportunity to show all these people that you’re every bit as good as a man.” Kailin voiced almost the exact thoughts running through her head.


“All right, but you will look rather silly when you lose to a woman in a dress.”


“You could change.”


“No, this took entirely too long to put on.”


“I must say it was worth the effort. You look stunning.” He smiled at her as he stopped dancing and pulled her to the far end of the room. He took her through the tower and out onto a cobblestone courtyard. An elevated wooden platform sat at the far end with racks of weapons on each of its four sides. Stopping in front of one of the racks, Kailin picked up a sword and handed it to Mara. She let it fall to the ground insulted. She stepped over the sword on the ground and walked down the row of weapons until she found one that suited her. She felt its weight and tested its balance before moving to the platform.


“That’s my sword,” he said, a little surprised at her choice.


“Well, it’s much nicer than the piece of tin you handed me. May I borrow it?”


He relented as he followed her onto the platform. Kailin drew the sword at his waist and waited for Mara to make her move. She, however, was more patient than him and let him make the first move. He lunged forward and she blocked it easily with a clang of steel that hung in the cool night air. He swung and she blocked again. A guard came running to see what was going on. He watched for a moment before leaving again.


A few minutes later, two more guards arrived. They stood at the edge of the platform to watch. Mara worked Kailin back toward the edge of the platform, but he found an opening and managed to force her back. The match was already five minutes in without a single point. People continued to hurry in to watch.


“MARA!” Kess yelled. Distracted, Kailin looked up for a moment and Mara seized the opportunity. With a flick of the wrist, she disarmed Kailin sending his sword flying. In one fluid movement, she swept his leg, spun around, and caught his sword. Now on his knees before her, she stopped with both blades crossed against his throat.


The crowd hollered and cheered. Wayette, who was also caught up in the moment, began clapping. Kess, however, remained unimpressed. He saw that move countless times and knew its counter. As showy as the move was, he was no longer fooled, unlike Kailin. The crowd loved it though, and it left no doubt as to why she chose to take such a risk. She’d used this opportunity to prove a point to the noble class. From here it would filter down, beginning the reputation she so longed for.


“Do you yield?” Mara asked simply when the crowd quieted a little.


“Yes,” he relented.


“Good, my dress almost got dirty!” Mara said more than loud enough for the crowd’s benefit.


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Rebecca Tran


Author Biography:

Rebecca Tran is a hybrid author and blogger with three award-winning novels. She started writing when she was sixteen as self-prescribed therapy after her father passed away and hasn’t stopped since. Rebecca is also a pharmacist, wife, and mother to two rambunctious girls and a Boston Terrier. If she ever has free time she likes combing resale shops to add to her teapot collection or quilting. Currently, she lives in her home state of Missouri.


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A Guardiian Falls


Title: A Guardian Falls : Chronicles of the Coranydas Volume 2

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Epic Fantasy


Book Blurb:
“I only want one man’s life. It’s a shame so many will have to die defending him.” Mara.


All looks bleak when Mara is forced to return home after her love’s brush with death. She only has one magical artifact and the army seems out of reach. The consequences should she fail or even succeed finally set in and Mara has doubts about everything. There will be a war of blades and magic with Mara at the center, but Mara wonders if she has the strength to survive.



Crance began his attack as soon as he was free and had a sword in hand. He lunged but Kess stepped away easily. After practicing with Drake and Mara so long, their graceful movements made Crance seem like he was in a clumsy, drunken stupor. Kess wanted to end this quickly before the buffoon accidentally won. Kess could only hope their enemy fought this poorly. Crance thrust again before taking a more subtle approach. Trying to wear Kess down, he made smaller attacks aimed at his extremities and gut rather than the heart.


It wasn’t until Kess took the offense that Crance’s style changed. The clumsiness vanished for the most part and his movements became purposeful. But the grace of an Eighth Rank was still sorely absent. Kess sliced sideways but his blade was deflected. He lunged again and received a deep cut on his shoulder. Kess looked to his sleeve that was now torn and stained crimson. He swallowed a curse before focusing the energy on his technique and the opponent at hand.


Crance grinned at drawing first blood. He swung at Kess’ side forcing Crance to reach across his body to defend himself from Kess’ parry. Kess saw the opportunity and began working Crance back. If he could force another sloppy lunge, he could win the match. Kess swung down at an angle purposely leaving an opening in his defense. Crance noticed and lunged. Kess saw it coming and deflected Crance’s blade to the side. Stepping forward, he brought his sword to Crance’s throat stopping short of the fatal blow. Kess asked him to yield and Crance agreed.


Kess grabbed the man by the collar and pulled him closer. “Now that you’re done wasting my time, are you with us or not?” he asked coldly.


“I am and so are they,” Crance said, nodding toward the men behind him. “Well fought.”



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