2017 N. N. Light Book Award Winners #bookaward #books #bestbooksoftheyear

NNLBA 2017 Winners


Children’s Books –



Bartholomew Buggins: A Zombie With Different Cravings by Crystal Marcos


Contemporary Romance –



Fat Girl Begone! By D. E. Haggerty


Erotic Romance –

Mask Cover 1


Tales of the Golden Mask by Alexa Lynsey and Belle DeVer


Fiction –

The Trials of Adrian Wheeler


The Trials of Adrian Wheeler by Steve Shear


Historical Romance –

OnlyaHeroWillDo 1400x2100


Only A Hero Will Do by Alanna Lucas


Memoir –



The Road to Transition by Bree Record


Mystery and Suspense –



Angelica by Clabe Polk


Nonfiction –

Living in Italy


Living in Italy: the Real Deal – Hilarious Expat Adventures – How to Retire Abroad, Buy a House and Start a Bed and Breakfast – “A unique introduction to ‘the Italian way” by Stef Smulders


Paranormal/Supernatural/Occult –



Blood Moon by Livia Quinn


Romantic Suspense –

Missing The Lady Said No eBook


Missing: The Lady Said No by Jacquie Biggar


Science Fiction and Fantasy –

Penny-White-and-the-Temptation-of-Dragons 2


Penny White and the Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri


Short Stories –



To Caste a Cliché by Aubrey Wynne


Thriller – (It’s a tie)



Viable Threat by Julie Rowe



Idiots Tale


Idiot’s Tale by Anthony Land


Middle Grade/Young Adult –



Guardian of the Way by Diane Moat



Congratulations to all the winners!


To be eligible for the annual N. N. Light Book Awards, a book must be reviewed by one of us (December through November) and receive a five-star rating. Netgalley reviews are disqualified automatically. No exceptions.


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