What are You Going to Achieve in 2018? Without Goals, You’re Stagnant! #inspiration #goals

2018 goals


Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year, full of possibilities, adventures and achievements.


What are you going to accomplish in 2018?


Looking back, I met 90% of my goals in 2017. I tried new things and met some wonderful people. I pushed myself hard and am pleasantly surprised by all that I accomplished. It’s amazing what you can do when you set high goals for yourself.


It’s 2018 and I have a long list of goals I want to achieve. Some of them are personal (I resolve to kiss MR N more) while some are professional (I resolve to republish POTL and write POTL 2). I’m stretching myself in ways I’ve never done before. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.


If you’re not into New Year’s Resolutions, then sit down and write out yearly, monthly, weekly goals. I’ve learned through experience that when you have goals for yourself, you reach new heights you never thought possible. Tip: Be very specific in your goals. Don’t just say, I’m going to be healthy and lose weight. Instead say how you’re going to be healthy. My healthy goal includes drinking 64 ounces of water daily and walking four times a week.


What’s a goal you want to accomplish in 2018? Share below and together we all can cheer each other on!




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