Authenticity: A Collection of Choices Which Define You! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts



In the world of fake news, fake celebrities, fake body parts, what stands out is honesty and truth.


For several years, I’ve been on this blog promoting truth, kindness and positivism. It’s not some gimmick I invented to get more followers or to get rich. I embody this mantra because it’s who I am and what I believe. It’s my true self.


You know that old saying from Shakespeare, to thine own self be true? I’d like to think that while being true to ourselves, we need to be authentic in all facets of our lives. When we’re authentic, we stand out among the crowd and people murmur there’s something different about us.


Look at the quote above and ask yourself this question:


Am I an authentic person? 


Be honest with yourself. If you’re not as authentic as you want to be, make a vow to work harder to be honest and truthful. Don’t do it because I say so; do it because you want to be true to yourself.


Authenticity is a collection of your everyday choices. At the end of your life, will people remember you for being real or fake?




3 thoughts on “Authenticity: A Collection of Choices Which Define You! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts

  1. True, Authenticity is the main thing people lag these days and get influenced easily. Nice one. Do have a look on my blog too about how to achieve goals in life. Would appreciate ur feedback. Thank you. 🙂

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