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Eating Ice Cream


Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon by Gabriel Bacopa


Genre: Romantic, Adventure, Melancholy,


Book Blurb:

Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon features Michael, a young loner confused about his identity of being either Jewish or Arab. His father being an Israeli Jew and his mother being a Palestinian Muslim puts him at odds with himself and the world. Muslims criticize him for saying he’s Jewish, and Jews criticize him for saying he’s Muslim. Jews criticize him for saying he’s Arab, and Arabs criticize him for saying he’s Jewish. The irony of it is that the term Jewish can refer to an ethnicity, identity, or religion depending on the context it’s being used in. One day he goes to an ice cream shop in order to share his book ideas with the girls there, who happen to be Muslim. One girl, named Halima, says to him, after he mentions that he is “half-Arab half-Jewish:” “how can you be Half-Arab?” Which unleashes a rollercoaster of confusion, emotion and identity conflict, and a relentless obsession with a girl working at an ice cream shop. He goes to the ice cream shop every day in order to know her. He makes it seem as if he’s going there to eat Ice cream, when in reality he’s going there in order to see her. The girl, being 16 years old, becomes a subject of his infatuation, albeit non-sexual, and he becomes fond of her  and eventually finds himself waking up in a morning, surviving Armageddon with her… and living memories of his childhood in ways that he never could have imagined….


Book Excerpt:

They began to sail more, into the clear blue oceans and skies. Dolphins played around the boat. “Oh Look Michael! Dolphins!” Halima said, jumping up and down with her hands to her mouth. They continued sailing. The waves were large and big, and it was extremely rough and dangerous.  “This is impossible” he said.


“I hope this works.” Michael continued. Halima repeated “Michael, Im scared.” “Why?” Michael asked. She looked down in sadness and asked as the wind was blowing amidst them: “Is it really the apocalypse?” “Yeah, I think so”  Michael responded, with his hands on the wheel, looking out into the ocean,  Halima asked “What do we do?” “We have to relax and stay strong.” They continued sailing. Then, Eventually, the seas calmed.


“Michael look!” “Yes?”  “It’s a whale!” They saw a whale blowing water above the ocean. “Wow thats amazing! ” They smiled at each other. They glided further, and saw the lovely Catalina islands to the right and the sun setting behind it.


It turned night time. “This is really romantic Michael.”  “I knew you would like it.” Michael responded “How did you know?”


“I looked up your facebook.”


“ Really? How creepy…”


“I’m not creepy, I just stare a lot.”


It turned midnight, and the boat sailed peacefully into the Pacific, the stars appeared above and they looked at them. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Michael said.


“Yeah…” Halima responded.


They sat for 5 minutes, pondering the night sky above them. Halima went to sleep, with her eyes closed peacefully. Michael looked at her,  and smiled with a feeling of serenity and tranquility..A few minutes went by. Then, unexpectedly,  A U.S. boat came from the east from the shore. “We’re looking for you. You have to come back to land.” a man said with a loudspeaker. Halima woke up to the loud, irritating sound.


“Why?” Michael yelled back. “It’s frigging armageddon out there!”


“If you stay out there in the ocean,you will most certainly be attacked by the Russian invading navy.” They said with their  loudspeakers. Helicopters flew ahead, flying to the West, and fighter jets flew, apparently to fight the russians.


Michael thought carefully. He looked at Halima and said:


“Listen, Halima new plan.”


“What’s that?”


“We’re going to Palestine.”


“Sorry  Coast Guard, we will be okay on our own!” he yelled to them. The coast guard went back to shore, and they continued sailing.


The next morning, the sun rose  gloriously, and they began sailing following the border of  Mexico.  Michael said “Hey you want to play with my turntables? ” amidst the morning sun.“You have turntables?”  


“Yeah Back in the day I was the best Dj in the O.C.”


“Oh cool!” They began playing with the turntables, spinning records, on the sailboat.


“Which ones do you want to play?” he asked.


“Oh I like 2pac.”


“Me too.”


After several minutes, Filipino ships were seen riding towards them. They shot missiles towards Michael and Halima, and their boat began to sink. Michael and Halima jumped into life savers, and sat on them, rowing towards the the shore of Brazil. They landed amidst the ripples unto the blue shore before noon time.


They got off the boat, and head east. At first they found themselves in a desert, walking. Michael was thirsty for water, and Halima said “Are you okay?


“I need water.”


Author Biography

I was born to a Palestinian Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother in the suburbs of Orange County, CA. I taught myself to read at the age of 4 and was the best student at my school in elementary and in the gifted program. When I was a child I taught myself breakdancing and did it at the talent show in fifth grade which put  everyone in awe. I learned djing and made my dad buy me turntables and spun vinyl in the local Guitar Center Spinoffs(Djing competition) when I was 12 (by far the youngest person there), in which I was nicknamed by my friend’s sister “DjMidgetMan” (for being a such young DJ.) In my teenage years I delved into different concepts, from Buddhism and Meditation, to Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences, and lucid dreaming to studying different religions. I began praying 5 times a day according to Islam and taught myself anything I could about Islam. I read the Qur’an in English cover to cover at the age of 14 and then taught myself Arabic. I learned the rules of recitation (known as Tajweed in Arabic) for the Holy Qur’an at the local masjid.


At the age of 17 however, I began developing symptoms of severe mental illness and was eventually hospitalized at the age of 22 and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I was unable to do anything for the next 5 years, until one day my Aunt came from overseas and I rediscovered a story I wrote when I was 14 which won me the “Edgar Allan Poe” award in school (for it’s dark, horrifying and sadistic themes.)   My father began writing a book as well and finished it, however, it has not been published. At that point, knowing that I was unable to do anything manually or physically, or socially, because of my condition, I decided to attempt to become a writer.


The first book I attempted to write was “The Mansion.” which was a collection of Dark short stories, the first one symbolic, the second one unnecessarily and disturbingly profane and sadistic, as if written from the point of view of a Mass shooter, and the third one about a futuristic society in which people who believe in God are put in Mental hospitals. This book however I felt was too profane and dark, and myself was disturbed and mentally distraught by it’s themes and profanity, so I decided to take it down. Afterwards, I began writing Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon, about a loner with a mixed arab Jewish background confused about his identity. During all this time I was in the throes of psychosis. Everyone of my books has a touch  of my psychosis enveloped in them. Stories which are in particular reflections of my psychosis include: Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon, A Day with the Professor(which is included in Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon: With letters from the Fourth Reich), the Hypocrisy Foundation, The Drummers,(included in The Hypocrisy Foundation), Love and Paranoia, and the Pillars of Salt Collection. The Pillars of Salt Collection, The Hypocrisy Foundation, The Drummers, and Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon in particular are reflections of my psychosis. However, anyone who reads these stories can find them relevant to the world, the society at large, and to their own lives.


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Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon: The Series


Gabriel young


First picture (me in the middle) age 12

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Second picture me age 28 at a book signing.


I’m 29 now.


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